Friday, September 13, 2013

Simplicity + Butterick Inkahoots

Good evening yall!...Just got through whipping up some more cool stuff...I'm watching Judge Judy as usual; did yall know she comes on for TWO hours now instead of just one?...Yeah baby! (in my Austin Powers voice)....I really wish I could meet that little lady....she is truly one of my faves....
Now I may or may not get a new gig; depending on which way the universe turns so I started thinking "career separates"....and Pinterest has a pretty big influence on my sewing lately too....those outfits send me to the pattern drawers all the time to recreate the cool looks with my sewing machine; NOT a trip to the mall (Thank God because I cant stand the damn mall)....
My latest creations are a super cool corduroy pencil skirt and a top that is revisited...I say revisited because I have made this top a couple times before....The top is from Simplicity's Sew Simple line; pattern # E1972....there is only one view for this top and it only has 3 pattern pieces....My pencil skirt  was a new pattern; it is Butterick pattern #B5466 View E...I can really see my sewing skills have amazingly evolved (and still going strong) because Imma tell yall this skirt is the fits like a glove too because I got my OG fitting on with my super cool design ruler...I feel so "designer-y" when I use that thing.....I'm learning so much about how to really make thee perfect garment....this skirt is only the beginning....I put a zipper in the back and a hook and eye; very well I might add....My Vogue Sewing book has everything, I mean everything...the zipper is a cool color; light blue and the fabric is to die for....but I'll show that zipper off when I wear was a vintage zipper I copped from one of my thrift store trips...I promise you that makes my garments that much cooler; when I use vintage stuff to create skirt; its made of a medium/heavy weight corduroy that is perfect for the season change creeping up on us...(although it was 95 degrees today)....I even made my own belt with a buckle this time instead of my usual sash...the belt just makes the outfit even cuter!..
I used a slinky fabric  for the top (I'm not sure what is actually is) which I usually shy away from because they are kinda hard to work with...this is why I went with a top pattern I'd made before so I could have a little know-how before I started to make that I know so much about needle size and how to work with slinky fabrics it was really quite easy whip up....Both fabrics came from my favorite fabric shop, HANCOCK'S FABRICS.....I had the slinky fabric since the beginning of this summer but I never felt like using it until now...the skirt fabric I just got recently; it was going to be another blazer jacket but ended up being a snazzy skirt....I was going to use a seersucker fabric at first but it wasn't enough yardage; I was also going to make a different top pattern too but decided to go with this one....My indecisiveness makes my sewing pretty cool, like all the time...
I had been telling my huny to take me thrifting for some belts but I guess I don't need to thrift for belts unless I spot a really nice one on one of my trips....
I didn't want to get to rambling but I do have to mention that the HAPPY BLACK GIRL venture is going well; check it out when you have time....Well pictures now yall!


  1. Nice tops and more crazy synchronicity. I posted earlier a leopard vinage top from the 50s, kinda box shape and loosely fitted, on my facebook page and thought it would be cool to make it, even though I don't wear leopard prints, but I do like the cut and then I come over here and what do I see, a very lovely top with that style or pretty darn close! You can see the top here

  2. I've noticed that us sewing folks seem to always be thinking about whipping up similar stuff...Are you sewing for the season change yet?...My next project I believe will be a coat unless I change my mind; which ALWAYS happens!...thanks for the comment Victoria!