Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Leather, Suede, and Cherry Blossoms

I love this one!....these colors are always soooo pretty together....

an inside shot of one of my latest pouches......

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cheerful Chicas and Cobalt

Check out my new lables!...I love them.....

Created this small tote bag FOR ME today with some scrap fabric I bought from Lisa Lam!...arent those little ladies soooo cute!? :)

The scrap bag came with a strip of this fabric too so I used it as an embellishment for the matching zippered insert for the tote.....

My camera created this type of photo on its own...I thought it was pretty cool so I posted it.....:)

The set together....the tote is small but oh so cute!...I used it tonight when I went Thanksgiving shopping for goodies....:)

Picasa has some cool features huh?....:)
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Monday, November 21, 2011

Brunette Blooms

Another original MsKRS design....

a shot of the inside with a gathered pocket...learned this technique from my Bible....Thanks Lisa! :)

Another shot of the front of the bag with the button closure...the button came from my Mom's stash she left me.....

I love the bottom of the bag...

a shot of the back of the bag and the bottom...I may get some bag feet for the next bag...

Posted by Picasacompleted just today....A MsKRS original......")

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


My goodies finally came!

the vintage tin full of vintage notions....can we say sewing and bag making gold?

Some of the things that were included in the tin...vintage bias tape!....look at the cool brown one...they called it "mocha"....I am truly in heaven right now!

this needs no words, I love this lady (Lisa Lam, not the lady on the cover! LOL! )

some of Lisa Lam's scrap fabric...did you see that she has sewn on one of them...that one is being kept forever by me!

Delicious new fabric that also came today!....oooohhhhh weeeee!

Lovely Rainbow Kona Cotton at its finest...thanks Hart's Fabrics...I remember going to this fabric store as a kid with my Mom.....super cool that I am now loyal customer....
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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bucket Bag from U-Handbag *FREE PATTERN*

Red Blooms Galore....Bag and matching pouch
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????? + LOVE

Good evening folks!  I wanted to touch bases with you guys and share some news thats been going on with me....I guess I finally understand that I sew well enough for someone to actually want to purchase something....I have sold a couple of pouches from my Etsy shop and I have also completed and sold my first custom order....I even sold a bag and pouch set and my customer was super happy!...its soooo surreal, you just never know where life will take you....How did I end up sewing anyway?...what was it that made me go into the garage that night and set up my sewing machine?...why didnt I ever do it before?...I can remember when I didnt even realize that I actually owned a sewing machine!..why didnt I ever even have the thought?......I wish I could pinpoint what it actually was...it would be sooooo interesting to know what it was.......was it anything?....Life, is very strange and I for one always find myself on a super roller coaster that is sometimes whimsically fun or lowly sad (the death of my parents and Bigmama **rest in peace**)...I only wish they could have seen what I have done with my life so far....my life is so drastically different from when they were with me...almost everything I do is entirely different but somehow the same in some aspects....I love my life and the people in it nevertheless and I am enjoying it....
((In total love with everything))
((((My Daughter))))
(((((My World)))))