Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MsKRS and the Midi Dress

OMGGGGGGG I'm soooo sorry for the too long hiatus from my modest little blog....I've since been forced to deal with one of the necessary evils of life; I finally snagged a gig....It has seriously, dangerously, seriously, and horribly cut into my sewing time....there is always a flip side though....I've been thrifting a lot lately and coming up with some super cute things....I copped quite a few old school patterns on those trips too....I'm ready for sewing whenever I get to go in my sewing room....I don't feel like its lonely though (my sewing room) because I still have to do some kinda sewing....Mending is whats been on the board....my serger is just the bee's knees for that kinda stuff....I've been ordering good stuff from Wawak too; although I now feel that I need an "L" ruler and some #9 needles....if you sew you NEED to get familiar with those folks; Wawak that is.....they have thee best customer service and anything you may need to sew whether its for home sewing or on the industrial level...they are AWESOME.....My childhood friend Keith even dropped me off a purty little sewing box filled with notions but that's another post...I'll save it....now this post is about my floral midi dress...yall remember when I posted about it?....here is the link if yall wanna read about it:

 (I dont know why its not highlighted but I guess you can just copy and paste it in your browsers)

this post is just showing me wearing it....my Sweetest took a set of the worst piccies this go' round so I only have a few...but the few I have will do....I definitely should have participated in the MeMadeMay'14 thingy this year but time just got away from me....I literally wear my creations every day so I guess I didn't need a month to show em off; just keep doing what I do to let folks see....of course I was going to Target and a couple other places...I even went to the library and copped a couple of sewing books....also had a bill I didn't know I had and didn't know why either....I paid it anyway; I don't want ANY restrictions from a place full of books!!!!!....well here they are and I'll talk to you good folks soon I promise.....


I'm dipped when they see me.....(wink-wink)

yep, sometimes, just sometimes I wear flats.....;)

my trademark wrist o' bangles.....