Friday, March 29, 2013

Refashion Coolness

Howdy folks!..The sun is happily shining this afternoon and I am here of course sewing and taking care of home...Y'all remember the simple sheath dress I drafted up from another ready-to-wear one I bought before I started sewing?...well, I decided that I wouldn't be wearing it as a dress anymore; I washed it and it shrunk or I gained weight one...but that was a new garment; only worn once when it was a dress....I shortened the length a little more and added a super cute split in the back for extra came out nice and the garment as a shirt I know will get much more wear....Im just not that into short skirts or shorts anymore...Is it the age thing?...maybe, maybe not....
Refashion central!....Okay, photos now!

Me, very happy in my self-drafted sheath dress and DIY obi-style belt...I really loved the look but I didn't want to wear this ensemble or any other with this dress....(shrugs shoulders)

Front side of my new shirt...

Side shot!

A shot of the back...See the split?! :)

Neckline shot...Cool fabric if I do say so myself...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MsKRS now uses Bloglovin'!

Good afternoon everybody!...No photos to share this time; just a quick post to let you know I can now be found on Bloglovin'....if you have a blog you would like to share with me or use Bloglovin' yourself let me know!...I love to follow all kinds of sewing and crafty goodness!...(click the link below to check me out and other cool blogs as well!)

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Soup's On!

Heyyyy good evening everybody!...I don't know if I have ever shared that I LOVE to eat...I mean LOVE....Good food and intelligent conversation are two of my absolute faves...Add some brews and/or spirits and the conversation may go from intelligent to hilarious but its all good either way...One of my friends introduced me to a savory soup a couple years ago that has a super cool story that originated from Louisiana way back in the day....If and when time permits, look it up!....The soup is called Yakamein (Yock-ah-mane) and it is goooood...I made soup today because I always miss making soups when its so hot out...the heat is coming; it was 80-something degrees today...I'm including the recipe in this post (click on the link below) but not its history as I always believe that if you read it yourself it will stick with you! least that's what my Mom used to tell me...and it always did and still does; the history of this soup is almost as good as eating the stuff I tell ya what! (in my Hank Hill voice)...this soup is perfect for those (like myself) who do NOT like Menudo and other soups for overindulgence of alcohol if you know what I mean LOL!....If you try the recipe, let me know!...I would love to hear what you thought about it...



Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring is "Spring-ing" w/ MsKRS + New Look Patterns

Howdy everybody!...I was in an okay mood until my huny came home and told me some stupidity about our landlord and his shenanigans....I am so ready to move away from this raggedy house; I never felt it was home anyway...But that's enough of the Pissed Off Pam talk and on to some pretty sewing....(Thank God for sewing or I would have offed some folks already I swear)...I copped a couple of New Look Patterns the other day and this is one of em......This snazzy little number is from New Look's Patterns #0180, View C...I always seem to want to make the most complicated view but it always seems to be the prettiest....I'm crazy as hell like that....smh....I, of course put my own spin on it; like omitting the zipper because the fabric is very stretchy....I love polka dots!....Whadaya think?

Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Friday from MsKRS

Hey everybody!'s so pretty outside and that sunshine has me forgetting all my least for a minute....I love that warmth...its almost 85 degrees here today and I am feeling good!....I just wanted to share a flick of myself this afternoon because of course I am wearing some clothes I whipped up myself!...
Today I am relaxing in a self-drafted maxi skirt and DIY tank I didn't make the tank top myself but I did dye it the color it is today!...I found some dye on sale at the fabric store and the color came out well...I will grab more when I see it...the tank was originally White.....well let me get off this Internet and go have some fun in the sun!  Talk to everyone soon!

and the color of the dye was "Spring Green"...pretty cool huh?...and I just love my comfy on this day when I feel like a busted can of biscuits...(menses time; TMI?..) LOL!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sunny Day, Sky Teal?

Good afternoon everybody!...the sun is shining bright around these parts and there is warmth to it!...Im going to enjoy some of that sun with some of my friends in a few....remember my "Trendy Top" I made a while ago?...Im wearing it today...also made my babygirl and I some bandeau bras last night and I'm wearing mine today....I used my tie-dye fabric; I knew I was saving it for a reason....I love wedges so of course I have on a pair of them too...
On another note, Im kinda irritated because our landlord is coming over for the 9 millionth time...I believe we will be moving in a few....I like to be left alone and this landlord does NOT seem to understand that....
Irritations go along with life right?...I wish I could sew them all away...well, photos now!

Love my tie-dyed bandeau..pretty good for my first time tie-dyeing something and making a bandeau!

my babygirl's bandeau


Monday, March 11, 2013

"Spring-y" 'round here!

Hey, Hey, Hey!...Yesterday was my friend's birthday so we decided to go out on the town for and celebrate!...Lets just say Apricot Ale and Tequila helped us have a good time! ;)...This is what I wore for the festivities....(Short blog post this afternoon because I'm sewing up another dress in a few minutes)....
Its such a beautiful day today...almost 80 degrees!

I wore boots so I would be warm when the night fell....

Foldover clutch designed by me, MsKRS!


Hearts and Smiles

Friday, March 8, 2013

New Look patterns = My FAVE

Good afternoon yall!...I'm just doing my usual right now which is watching Judge Judy (she's one of my favorite gals) and sewing...yesterday I scored pretty big at Hancock's Fabrics; also bought a couple of new patterns....New Look Patterns that is...(they are from Simplicity's line)....New Look patterns have since become my favorite...I am always grabbing 'em before I even realize they are New Look patterns...they are very nice patterns that can be modified to fit anyone's taste...
I started on a new dress last night and finished it a little while ago...I was able to practice darts again; which came out damn near perfect and also installed an invisible zipper for the first time...I am the Sugar Honey Iced Tea for that came out very well...not too different from a regular zipper; its just a little twist to it....this dress boasts another cool neckline too!...the necklines on the dresses I have been making are super cool!...this dress is no exception!  Let me share the photos now...I wanna go back into my sewing room to start on another project!
a shot of the invisible zipper!...yeah, I got mad

super cool neckline...

New Look pattern 0167 View C

New Look pattern 0167

MsKRS' purty new dress!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A different view = View B

Hi all!...I may seem to be posting a lot this month however March is Craft Month and I do consider sewing to be a craft so I'm participating too....I am going to try to whip up or work on something sewing related or crafty each day this month...Today was no exception because as soon as I woke up I went into my sewing room and started working on a new dress...I flipped through my patterns and my New Look pattern grabbed again; only I made a different view...(remember my Gray dress I blogged about a little while ago?....this is the same pattern but just a few differences....
View B, the sleeveless version caught my eye this go 'round so I started whipping it up...I just finished it a while ago and this is one crazy dress...but I LOVE it!..(what does that say about me? wait, don't answer that lol)...that super cool neckline that this pattern displays was again called on to make this dress pop...I also used some funky fabrics to make it even crazier...
I learned a lot while making this one...On my Gray dress I omitted the zipper but for this one I installed it....I also was able to practice my hook and eye installation again...Pleating was also required which I must say I'm getting better at....
Now I know this version was supposedly sleeveless but when I was whipping this baby up I was playing around with the armhole facings and like the frilly way it looked when they were flipped out....I like them tucked in also which actually gives me two looks out of this dress!...How cool is that?...well let me share then...

My new dress with the armholes tucked in

A shot of the back of the dress with the armholes flipped out...sorry for the quality of the photos..Im kinda tired this evening...

with the armholes flipped out...cute huh?...

This is the back of the dress...

Pleats!...nice ones too!...

View B down in the right hand corner...the linen colored one...

Monday, March 4, 2013

Orange is the new Green

Good evening everybody!...I am doing my usual; cooking, cleaning, laundry, sewing, and of course trying my hand at good ideas....I love green living, the recycling thing is taken seriously in my house....everyone knows that we recycle everything we can...My family really tries to do our little part...My daughter loves, loves, loves oranges, tangerines, tangelos; basically anything orange and she has been eating Cuties (little seedless, easy-peel, tangerines) ever since she and I can remember and nowadays is no different (Remember she is 18!)...every time I go to the grocery store I have to bring some Cuties back...I mean she eats them by the boat loads...(she is so pumped full of Vitamin C that she almost never gets sick)....I noticed the green cleaner trend and thought I would jump on the bandwagon...Since my babygirl eats so many of them and I just saw a homemade recipe for orange cleaner I decided I would try my hand at a batch....Now the cleaners I have been seeing are great but they don't have any soap in them...I kinda know why because the soaps are usually not "green" enough with the dyes and other ingredients that an all-natural cleaner would warrant...However, if I don't see bubbles when I clean I feel I'm not doing a well-enough job; which is one of the reasons I have stayed away from the natural cleaners in the first place...I know they are just too mild for my taste and they may not be as "green" as they claim.....Since my daughter just so happened to be eating Cuties this evening I had her save the peelings and gathered my items to make my own batch of orange cleaner....
Now the secret (if you can call it that) to MY orange cleaner is a free and clear dish and clear meaning no dyes and no artificial ingredients....I bought the free and clear soap from Target on my last trip although I don't usually buy that one...(I like the Apple scent)...but I'm glad I did because I needed it for my cleaner idea....
Here is what I did: I filled a jar with the tangerine peelings, poured White vinegar in to the top, and added 20 drops of free and clear dish I play the waiting game...I am going to cure it for about two weeks to make sure to get all those good, essential oils out of those peelings....oh, and dont forget to halve what ever portion of the cleaner you use with water....Okay, enough rambling, I have a couple of pictures to show yall...

MsKRS' Orange Cleaner....:)

the ingredients I used for my orange cleaner....

Butterick Beauties

Hey yall!....Last night I started on my dress and finished it sometime early this like 2 am this morning...I never worry about the time though, as long as I'm sewing....I opted to whip up another dress from one of my new patterns I ordered from Butterick's new line of patterns....I whipped up the See & Sew B5871 View A....It came together pretty easily just like the pattern indicated...My Mother used to like sewing with Butterick Patterns too and now I know why...they are easy to understand and can be modified easily...Which is great for me because I almost never make the pattern how its written...I always put my own spin on em'....this dress is no exception...I used a seersucker type fabric that has a slight stretch...the pattern called for a knit fabric but I just didn't see this pattern looking Spring-y using a knit...I like the way it came out; maybe I will try a printed knit on View B....Well let me share the photos now so I can get back in my sewing room...maybe I can whip up something else today!....;)

Purty dress

A shot of the back

Super cool neckline!

My new Butterick Patterns...