Monday, April 21, 2014

MsKRS is manic again; Mad Men Mania that is......(pic heavy)

Good afternoon everybody....I'm sitting here watching re-runs of Sex and the City and thinking of new stuff to sew up....Every time I think of my next outfit this maxi dress with extreme side splits and booty shorts keeps popping when I go in my sewing room and get going I'm almost certain that I still wont make that....LOL...Sewing is funny like that....I finally got a paid gig and I start next Monday....I'm not all that excited about it but I'm not all that irritated either....I knew after the Blood Moon I would crash and/or burn and the crash seems to have set in sometime yesterday....I went and celebrated another misguided holiday with my loved ones, enjoyed myself, and got home early....I just felt the crash setting in....A REAL MOON CHILD FORREAL.....but I did watch Mad Men last night and loved it of course...I probably stopped following the story line a long time ago because of the fashion...I still know whats going on though and Peggy irritated me last night....she's still a sweetheart though hahaha!....
Now this post is about basically a wearable muslin I whipped up a while ago and I just love its country style....its Mad Men-ish because of the neckline and print IMO....I love it a lot and its totally comfortable...I blogged about the dress a while ago but I didn't give it much attention....I believe Blogger was acting up so I may have put the photos on FB, I cant remember.......this fabric was thrifted on one of my many trips to the thrift store and I was quite surprised that it was a big enough piece to actually make a dress...I thought "muslin fabric" when I grabbed the bags of fabric that day....its always cool to make something right the first time around and the fabric isn't too hideous to wear.....I have a load of laundry going, my sewing room needs tidying, and my mind's eye needs to be rested...I'll talk to you good folks soon!..Oh and the first set of photos (the ones of my with no shoes are when I first finished it last year sometime) are going to be included too...the ones with my lovely wedges I'm showing too; I went to Target and Sprout...I needed some more Fage.....;)
P.S. I would like to partipate in this years Me Made May and I believe I who's going to take all my flicks?....check out my photos now....and did I say how much I LOVE MAD MEN?....well, I do...almost as much as sewing....(insert hearts and smiles here)

I wanted to leave the zipper exposed because I just think its sooooo cool...its a vintage, metal-toothed zipper from J & P Coats!.....besides the collar, that zipper is thee best feature of this dress...for something that was meant to be a muslin, its pretty damned cool....;)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Indian Summer? Nahhhh Spring just arrived!

Howdy folks and good afternoon to ya!...this post can be looked at as a continuance from my last post about my modified Indian Summer dress (pattern by the lovely Christine Haynes).....I decided to wear it today and whadaya know, I also felt like taking pictures....I contribute my huge amount of energy to the Blood Moon last night and my bowl of Fage, pineapple, strawberries, and honey.....Yes, we ARE Ag Country (our nickname for our area) and our fresh fruit **and veggies** are always in abundance....I take full advantage like all the time; I believe I can live off fruit if I had to (I wouldn't feel punished at all)....The honey came from a local honey guy and I I copped a few bottles on one of my many trips to Farmer's Market....He has cool honey flavors like Pomegranate Blossom, Avocado, and Stonefruit...I bought so many he gave me a free bottle!.....We really are the shizzzznit when it comes to that kinda of the good things I can boast about in this city in which I was born and raised....
Now on to this dress....I explained in the last post that I modified it a bit to MY tastes which meant eliminating the straps and using a woven fabric instead of the usual cotton....I just love it yall!...I really do...I like when my creations come out cool; I tend to wear them out which is the point of it all right?....I paired it with a wrist full o' bangles (like I always rock) and some cool wedges...I LOVE WEDGES; that's it and that's all...and the wedges gave this outfit a much needed color pop as my flowers are blushing a bit....My sweetest has been taking my pictures so if they are crazy I blame him hehehehe....j/k he's doing all right in my opinion; I just need to get a snazzier camera....I've been looking around too.....Well let me share the flicks now; Judge Judy comes on in 20 minutes and yall know thats my girl forreal! LOL!
Talk to you good people soon! (maybe around Easter time)
P.S.  Check out my belt too and of course its DIY....Sew now and foreva' baby! :)

 Another awesome pattern from my Chic and Simple Sewing book by Christine Haynes....

 Now yall know I made my belt too right?....Yeah, I'm tight like that...LOL!

 Lawd my hair is so out of control these days.....the natural hair journey is real yall....

 the dress is swirly and kinda dress

the lovely Christine Haynes' Chic and Simple Sewing book; her Indian Summer dress pattern....LOVE

Friday, April 4, 2014

Cool to Sizzling.....

Good afternoon everybody!...I seem to be on a roll with my sewing and blogging this month....Maybe because my sewing room and skills are growing so I just wanna sew up the world....I have to contribute all my new, snazzy projects my sewing book Chic and Simple Sewing by Christine Haynes....that lady knows simple but nice; very nice....Before I know it I'll have sewn through the whole book....Last night as I unsuccessfully tried to fight the sewing bug off I broke down and sewed "The Indian Summer Dress"....I modified mine though, I didn't want the straps; they kinda made the dress look "homely" to me....besides strapless numbers are just too cute...especially with my back piece I got a couple years ago.....The title is also very fitting for our weather (it says Here Comes the Sun) before the title of the dress and next week is going to creep right on up into the 90' complaints here though, I love the heat....its the cold I cant stand....and its been crispy and cold this week with temperatures only reaching the high 60's to low 70's; at night dipping down to the low 30's...oh hell no......been raining all week too; well at night....Yucky weather in my opinion....but the warmness always beckons me to come play in the Sun.....and I always comply....Piccies now....

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April showers brings MsKRS pretty flowers

Good evening everybody!...I just finished what was supposed to be a simple dress; well I guess it just took a little longer than I thought it matter though, it turned out super cute and I LOVE it....the sewing bug has been biting very hard this week and today was no different....I fiddled and fiddled until I came up with something I could sew....I looked in my pattern drawer but I didnt feel like sewing up anything in there.....I then took to my sewing books and voila!...I found what Christine Haynes simply refers to as "The Strapless Dress".....I love her simplicity mixed with a touch of complexity....(remember my super cool sewing book  *Chic and Simple Sewing* my sweetest surprised me with?)....this was my first time whipping this particular dress up although I probably should have been making a top....I really do need more tops....
It took me a couple hours; maybe even three to get my new dress cut out and sewn up.....I added a matching sash just to use the last of the fabric...I'm lucky that I've been sewing for a while because I had to get real creative when cutting the pieces out...I only had two yards of this pretty, floral print linen (from Hancock's Fabrics of course) when I probably needed another fourth or two....needless to say I handled that like a PRO and hooked my new dress right on up....this dress forced me to practice a lot of little techniques that sometimes irritate me such as casings and gathering but I went on ahead and did them anyway....I'm glad I didnt omit anything because the dress would NOT have been as cute forreal....Frasier just came on so I dont want to harass yall too long so here are the photos....thats something I do need to work photos are just so-so like all the time....I need a brighter light and a white backdrop or something....oh due time I now....