Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Well looka' there!

Hey yall!...I have been getting poked and stabbed by pins for a few hours but the end result I am very proud of...I am getting better at this bag making thing; I must give myself some credit....My Bag Making Bible is a true asset as I use techniques from the book constantly...on my new bag set, I learned how to make gussets and tried another zipper technique...the new zipper technique makes matching zippy pouch look neater, more profesh (in my girl Lisa Lam's wording)....I wish I had a dressform soooo bad because I know I would have much more clothes to share...I may end up getting one soon...I hope so....I have to go to the stores a little later (Target, Save Mart, Joann's)....my huny promised me the new SewItAll Volume 4 and I am NOT going to let him forget it!...hehehehe!....Well let me share the latest MsKRS' creations, I dont wanna bore you with my rambling....I can talk forever, especially when around good friends and my beers!...ttys!

Hot off my machine!...Finished just this afternoon! :)


Cobalt Koi and Dots by MsKRS

super cute huh?

My new sunglasses case....I believe I showed this off already...oh well here it is again!

Peek-A-Boo Sunnies!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Beachy MsKRS

Hey Hey Hey Folks!
I'm trying to keep up with my sewing and my blog so here goes another ;).....I was trying to come up with something to sew today....I thought about the Style Shopper in Amy Butler's book but I didnt want to part with that much material and interfacing (her bag patterns call for a lot of supplies)....then I thought about teaching myself a new technique out of my faves new book (Lisa Lam) but I got sidetracked looking at Old Navy's site.....While surfing the site (no pun intended lol) , I saw a few totebags with super cool, raw edges, grommets, and applique that I thought was the cutest thing...It was on sale for $10.00 and I would have gladly given them those dollars for any one of the totes they offer....but since I have been blessed to sew, I decided to make my own version of it....It was fun for me too because I got to use some of the supplies that I seldom use in my sewing such as fabric spray and glitter, I didnt have any grommets...that would have been a new skill to add to my resume as well because I have never installed grommets before....tonight I am going to tie-dye some more letters for another similar tote....I am so glad I sew...I can always have something tailored to ME....

The applique is glittered and the front is spritzed with fabric spray!...I had fun with this bag I tell you what! (in my Hank Hill voice)...:D

The back....


Glitter and fabric spray by Tulip...Good finds and friggin' fun to use!... by the end, I had glittery fingers and overspray everywhere! LOL!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Me + my blog

With all that goes on in my life, I sometimes forget to take advantage of the cool little things in life like my blog.....Its almost like my online diary of sewing and other thoughts I have and I tend to ignore it; but not on purpose....My sewing friends are the best...its sooo "me" that I get to view all of their pretty creations....I wish all the time that at least one of them lived closer....some of them live all the way in Australia and the UK!...the ideas they come up with just simply rock....I even follow a few pages on FB that I cant even understand; but the bags are exquisite.....Well, I just wanted to say "Hi" and show off my new skirt I made the other day....I will perfect the next one....hehehehehe well hopefully.....I have some striped knit fabric I was trying to save for the 4th of July festivities I may attend....I have been looking online at patterns and ideas for inspiration for it....I hope there is enough to make a matching bag; I believe I have two yards of it....

Flash face! LOL!....

 I found some very flowy knit fabric at Hancock's the other day when I visited....very comfortable and Summer-y...

Snuck in a pic of my new sunglasses case....it is very basic..I have a few ideas for the next one...:)...

Monday, June 18, 2012

I survived!

Hey yall!...I survived my last two courses and passed them too!...that means I get a little break.....my final grades havn't posted yet but my units show im good!..whew!...(remember, I was taking Statistics)...and I have been taking advantage of that break already by sewing up a few new things...I have been sewing up clothes, (no piccies of my new skirt) but I will share my new sunglasses case and zippy pouches....(did I already show you the one with the kitties?)....I wanted to make a bag but I didnt feel like the dedication today...so I opted to sew a few small things....My daughter also graduated from high school recently as well!....let me stop rambling and show you the stuff...LOL...

I am soooooo proud of her! :D

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Its too windy

Hey yall!...it has been a very windy couple of days so I have been inside....I have thee worst allergies in the world....with finals coming up fast, I haven't had a lot of time to sew....I did manage to make a tote bag though....it was my first applique bag I ever created....when finals are over, I am challenging myself to sew through Lisa Lam's new book "A Bag For All Reasons"....(I love that little lady)...she has some super cool bags in there....matter of fact the first one is a IPad case that is very cute....although I will probably alter it to make it more "purse-y" because I dont own an IPad! LOL....I was also able to get some super cool striped fabric that will be super cute maxi skirts after finals as well!....Hancock's is having a bad arse sale on everything right now...I took advantage......I know I should be writing but I have to sew something first.....hehehehe!...ttys.....

PS...I also wanted to add the pouch I created....I love cats...Did you know that?....I love those little furry folks....(because they have such huge personalities)....can you spot the Pound Puppy I created in high school?....the world turns round and round.....who woulda thunk it?....I love sewing...;)

 MsKRS' first applique bag....whadaya think?...;)

Two of my most prized possessions.....This lady is a bag-making genius!  Visit U-Handbag if you need more convincing....very cool, speedy service and they are in the UK!....All around good folks and stuff....