Monday, July 29, 2013

Maxi skirts by MsKRS

Good evening everybody!!!!...I've been sewing again and I've been whipping up some cool stuff!...Last post I shared my a striped maxi skirt and halter top in a cool green and turquoise...Im sharing it again though, its just sooo cute not to....(forgive me)....then today I decided I needed another one of those ensembles; plus it gives me a reason to sew up those pieces of sheer knit while I still I grabbed some more fabric out of my stash and made another maxi skirt and halter my now halter top was supposed to be a tank top but due to me cutting it out wrong I ended up being something else....since the knit is so sheer I decided to make a bandeau out of my leftover skirt fabric...I even did my first two flat-felled seams...I love them; they make things look so neat...all this sewing stuff I'm learning just comes in handy right when its supposed to...its like you automatically know what to do to get certain results...the bandeau came out nice too...All the stuff I've recently made is patternless too; that's how I KNOW my sewing skills are improving...I really love that feeling of sewing without instruction sometimes....its easy-going sewing instead of trying to follow a pattern...
Im letting the latest skirt hang overnight although I don't ever do that with my knits...but this fabric just felt like it should and for the exact reason I've always read about...the hem....its like a medium-weight knit that feels like it would distort if I hemmed it tonight...another sewing first for me!...(I LOVE THIS SEWING THING)....I finished my jumpsuit too but I didn't get to take a time I will though...I like how it turned out too; I finished that right before these two outfits....
Well I guess I'll share the photos now and talk to you good people later!...Have I ever said THANK YOU for being a part of my blog?...Well if I haven't ever or in a while I would like to thank everyone for sharing my little blog with me...I like telling y'all about my sewing journeys...Stick around, please...:)

Maxi/skirt halter top ensemble 1

Maxi skirt/halter top ensemble 2

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Melancholy day = Super cute outfits

Hi yall!!!!!...this will be a little short blog post just to let you folks know I'm still alive and well; despite what life continuously lobs at us....I got some bad news yesterday (I didn't get the gig I was counting on) and I must say I felt down, real down....Of course I wanted to sew because no matter what's going on I still keep sewing on the brain...Its permanent and I don't have a problem with that...anyway, I decided to go in my sewing room, grab some fabric out of my stash and start stitchin'....with pain comes beauty and that most certainly applies to my latest outfit.....I whipped up a maxi skirt and halter top and I must say I love the outfit....I didn't really have the energy to use a pattern so I whipped up both pieces just using my sewing know how (I love that stuff!)...the outfit came out very nice indeed...(yes, I AM tooting my own horn)...
I also have to mention that I was featured on HAPPY BLACK GIRL last week too...I'll see if I can post a link to the article....its really, really cool! can read the feature by clicking the link below! Let me know what you think!

I may sew up something else this evening; I have my eye on some more fabric in my stash that would make a super pretty maxi skirt....I love those things...they are just so comfy and cute....Well I'll share the photo of my new fit now and I will talk to you good people soon....

Patternless halter top and maxi skirt...super cute huh?...and those stripes are my fave; well besides polka dots...;)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day

Howdy folks!....I'm up late once again, I just finished my new dress I wanted to make for the 4th...I whipped up McCall's M6741, View A...The dress has pockets which I love...I ran out of fabric last night while making it so I had to make a "necessary" trip to Hancock's Fabrics...I love that place and the ladies so much!...As soon as I got there I wanted to go crazy because of course they are having a sale but I somehow controlled myself and focused on the contrast fabric I needed for my dress...I spotted a shiny Red fabric that I liked and grabbed a yard...I love the way it perked up my dress!...It adds a certain firework-y (did I just make up a word?) tune to the dress because its shiny and fiery!....
Of course in 100 degree weather I omitted the lining...My machine has serger stitches so that's how I finished the neck and arm holes...It also has a zipper and hook and eye closure as well...looks pretty good but my camera didn't want to participate...I really needed a pressing ham for this dress; that may just be my next project...
Have I ever said how cool my little, modest machine is?.....Well it's awesome, it really is....I've learned to use the different stitches and feet and my clothes are coming out SO COOL!!!!!.....
Now when I ran out of fabric for my first dress I still felt like messing around in my sewing room so I set my sights on my huge pile of t-shirts so graciously given to me by my huny...(I think he buys waaaaayyyy too many t-shirts but at least I'm crafty enough to find something to do with them geez)...I grabbed my paint brushes and fabric paints and went to work...I refashioned the first one by slimming the sleeves and the sides to make it fit me....I made a skirt bottom with another t-shirt...I tried to do an ombre effect on the stripes too....I went kinda crazy with the fabric paint; I noticed I got the spray residue on my iron!.....My camera battery died (of course) after only a few pictures so I'll have to post more pics when I wear the dresses....
Well let me share then....I just thought to myself, I don't even have any plans for the holiday...but if anything comes up I'll have a cool dress to wear to the gathering.....I hope I at least get to see some fireworks...Am I rambling?...I'm ;)

Fabric paint + t-shirts = MsKRS Stars and Stripes t-shirt dress

the back...;)

My shiny, new dress!

bad photo, cool pattern