Wednesday, February 27, 2013

You aint nothin' but a houndstooth skirt?

Good afternoon folks!...I'm going to run a few errands today including getting my daughter some new glasses and picking up a few things from Target...This is my outfit this afternoon with my self-drafted skirt, Bucket Bag (courtesy of Ms. Lisa Lam's Bucket Bag pattern), and my DIY necklace...Now all these things have been showcased before on the blog but I have since started to show photos of me actually wearing the cool stuff I whip up...I just measured myself for the skirt and it came out nice...I used the leftover fabric to make a cool sash to match...My bag I made a while ago with some sweet elephant fabric (I love elephants; have I ever shared that fact about myself?) and my necklace is a new creation I made a couple weeks ago....I feel so accomplished when I wear my own clothes and I know that no one will "match" me!...not that I mind that..;)
Well I guess I will share the photos now....

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Certain blogs lead to Bread Pudding

Good evening folks!....Some of you know I like sweets every now and then but they have to be super tasty; hence my Sugar Donut Muffins I have been baking so much lately (they are featured on another post)....Since I can now make the muffins in my sleep I was onto finding something else to whip up....Earlier, while not particularly looking for any specific recipe I saw a few for Bread Pudding (I was on Pinterest)...Even one of my sewing friends tweeted about her family enjoying some tonight....Now while my palate believes it likes Bread Pudding, I seem to always be disappointed when I get my hands on some....One time my huny and me went out to Famous Dave's one night....To make a long story short I didn't care for the food or the dessert which just so happened to be Bread Pudding...theirs had a Cognac sauce which grossed it out even more because it made it soggy...I tried it again at a potluck and I didn't like it then either...this one had some sort of caramel sauce that was waaaayyyy too sweet and the bread part of it seemed undercooked...But knowing that I really do like sweet breads (not brains! lol!) of course I opted to finally try my own hand at making it...It came out really tasty!...I made a few variations of course to fit my taste but the recipe is super cool and easy..I believe it is meant to be served with Cool Whip or whipped cream but I'm thinking ice cream!!!!!...Is that too much?.hahahahaha!...I'm sharing the link to find the recipe...I hope the pretty lady wont mind over at: (to find the recipe for this dessert and other tidbits as well!)...Photo of my Bread Pudding below:

Saturday, February 23, 2013

MsKRS is so profesh

Hi folks!...I finally got the opportunity to debut my new dress I whipped up a few weeks back...I had a couple of appointments so I decided that my new dress would be perfect for 'em....I love, love, love this dress....I will be making more of this dress for sure...I made view C and there are 4 more views to make from the same pattern (New Look 0110)....This is my first dress I ever made from a commercial pattern which always seem so hard for me to understand....this one was fairly easy and the results can only get better with more practice...I was proud of myself and I am totally cool with actually seeing my sewing skills improve with every project....I also made my clutch too...I have made the clutch before though; it is Amy Butler's Charm Clutch pattern....the clutch came out well too because I have made it before....this sewing thing; has become MY and basically forever....okay ramble over, photos now....

tried to show the super cool reminded me of my Mom's dresses she used to wear...I love vintage stuff...especially when it has potential to still look this nice!



the pattern....I made the one featured on the model...the sleeveless one is next for Spring....

Friday, February 15, 2013

MsKRS' Apron + The shortest blog post ever

My apron!...I have to go cook so I cant say much but I still wanted to share...whadaya think?
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New top + 16 bean soup + a messy sewing room

Hiiiiii!  Good evening everybody!!!!....this post is a bit earlier than I usually post because I have forced myself out of my sewing room to do it...I just have so many ideas in my head right now I needed to take a break brain is so helps tremendously when I'm sewing though and for that I'm grateful...Anyway my sewing magazines strike again with some inspiration on a new top I made last night....The other day I went to get some interfacing and I always buy remnants because I swear one day I am going to start a quilt top...(I will, don't snicker I will! LOL)...anyway I spotted a Gray knit fabric in the remnants and grabbed it turned out to be a good sized piece, a yard even and I decided to make something with it....while looking through my sewing mags I saw the Trendy Top in Sew It All Volume 3; I was supposed to have made this little top for quite some time since Sew It All is almost on its 6th volume!...well I followed the super simple directions and came up a cool addition to my wardrobe for a fraction of the cost...(the yard of fabric was 80 cents!!!!!)...I also used a necklace piece I've had since I started sewing to make a new piece of jewelry I may pair with it when I get ready to wear it...
Since my sewing and crafting part of my brain doesn't really rest of course I kept on making stuff..While going through my vintage sewing notions I noticed a little Ziplock bag of snaps that were perfect for me to repair one of favorite pairs of heels...I also went all Crafty Chica on 'em and glittered em up too!...I cant wait to wear 'em....(I didn't take a photo of the shoes, (or the soup; all the different beans were kinda cool looking) for some odd reason...maybe I can show em when I wear em and remind you of this post)....
Well I have to go and finish the rest of the food and tidy of my sewing room....Photos now ummmkay?! LOL

side view one

front view...sheer knit fabric will be very breezy and comfortable when it heats up...

I tried to show the necklace piece I used to make a new necklace for myself...

side view two
the instructions can be found in Sew It All Volume 3 as well as other cool projects to whip up!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Melancholy day + ME + My designs

Hi everybody!...I usually always use or wear something I have created everyday and today was no different...Me and my huny had to go to Target and the grocery store today and this was my outfit of the day (OOTD)....We try and go to those places during the week because it is always so packed on the was no different...while we were rushing I forgot my washing soap, some cheese (block and slices), some seasoning salt, and a couple of other things....basically some of the more important things I meant to get....and I didnt feel like going back...I will more than likely go on back next week when the hustle and bustle dies down and the after-Super Bowl sales start!....
Well I just wanted to share my outfit and a couple of my latest creations using my fabric paints!....(I've shown this shirt on my dressform before)...Talk to you all soon! :D

Top and bag designed by Me, MsKRS

Me showing off the details of my new top....

Happy Mushrooms by MsKRS

I whipped this at my daughter's request...She "mustache" you if you like it with a fox? a box?...with a Lox?...( courtesy of the Dr. Suess fabric lining)...:)