Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Maxi Skirt Mania

Hey folks! Just wanted to drop a few quick lines and share my new skirt with you!...  I have been sewing a few things but this one seems to have become my favorite....the Maxi Skirt....I will undoubtedly be living in these for the season because they are just so cute and comfy!...I am visiting the fabric store to make another one to match some new flats I purchased the other day....Sewing is a habit I wont even try to break.....Sew Forever!....ttys!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sewing Mamma Jamma

Now I know I have been gone for a while but I am glad to report that things have been okay....Little glitches here and there but nothing that made any real difference....I have been on the clothes rage because every spring and summer I live in skirts and maxi dresses and big, big bags....well this go round nothing has changed but I get to make my own!....LUCKY ME because I sew now and I can create my own beautiful skirts nad dresses in my own style and on my own time.....I also recently discovered MiMi G.....OMG is all I will say and go and look her up when you get a chance....if you dont sew, you will seriously consider it when you see what she is constantly up to.....I love her enough said.....I made another Bucket Bag (courtesy of my favorite bag lady Lisa Lam) yesterday for my aunt and I will include a photo of it with this post too......I have created two pencils skirts, one for me and one for my daughter, and I made a maxi dress too...I didnt take any photos of it though, I think it needs more done to it anyway.....Oh, did I mention that I have an "A" in Statistics!!!!!?????...well I do and this will look reallll good on my transcripts.....I dont want to make too long of a post and I know you are itching to see those photos...well are you?...LOL...j/k....ttys....
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This one was edited to look like an older photo...I love the way it came looks just like the photos my Mom used to take of us when we were kiddos!.....How do you like my clothes so far?....

My babygirl modeling her skirt....I wish my stomach was that flat....**Le Sigh**

Me again! :)

This is me modeling my pencil skirt...It is very comfy...these photos are from today!

This is the Bucket Bag I made for my Auntie Peggy yesterday...She said this pretty girl is going on a few vacations this summer.....I cant wait for photos.....

This is my babygirl's pencil skirt again...she is modeling her skirt huh? LOL....