Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kimono fabric = Purdy Maxi Dress

Hiiiii!...How's everybody this evening?...I keep going in and out of my sewing room but nothing is getting done so I decided I may as well write a blog post...As you all know I sometimes whip up things from my noggin...I just wing it; no pattern or anything...and you know what?..sometimes it comes out nice! in the case of my strapless maxi dress made from some of thee prettiest fabric...I like working with the more heavier fabrics because they almost control themselves...that makes for some very nice garments and bags....anyway, I actually made this dress a while ago but with no pattern sometimes comes the wrong shape or no shape...this was in the no shape looked like a giant bag when I tried it on....that was a long time ago though (last year) and my skills have improved so much so I knew exactly what to do when I saw it hanging in my closet...I took up the bust of the dress to draw it in more; you know kinda slim it out...I left the bottom half as little skills along with some tips from my Vogue book allowed me to look real snazzy yesterday while running errands...
Okay am I rambling?...well in case I am let me share these flicks so you at least can put a photo with the story....

After I fixed it up

I whipped up the sash too...a while ago; worked with my dress perfectly...

Heyyyyy! ;)

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