Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Keep those home fires burnin'!

Howdy folks!...I'm calling myself a designer now, a real designer...not that I wasn't before, I have created quite a few simple bag patterns and even drafted a dress from one I already own...but I am now a real designer because of the garment I'm going to show you at the end of this post...but first I feel I should just share the cool story surrounding this fabric what it became...
I shared before that I visited Britex Fabrics a while back...that is my HOME, I love that has 4 floors of the prettiest fabric and notions I have ever with such sewing goodness, anything from there comes at a hefty price...My huny's Mom knows how much I love to sew so she went there and got me a yard of thee coolest comic book fabric in the world...I accepted it graciously and tearfully because I loved it that much and appreciated that someone would get me something I actually want instead of something they want me to have...
I couldn't make a quick project out of it, its just too it ended up being a real "project"....I worked on it for almost a month, adding "designer" touches as I thought of them....I added jump rings to the arm of it and searched for the perfect Black fabric for the other touches I wanted to add...After I added the jump rings to my top, a designer on Project Runway added jump rings to one of her garments!!!!!...I beat her to it!!!!..I'm going to be ready for Project Runway or Fashion Star in a few minutes...I promise you I am....(preferably Fashion Star; Project Runway's clothes are for lack of better words "not my cuppa tea")
I was supposed to be making a Chambray dress but for some reason I couldn't keep my mind off my top...I decided to work on it and ended up finishing it this afternoon...I am VERY proud of it and I love how it turned out...I cant wait to wear it because the snazziness of it will show deliciously...Sewing keeps the home fires burning; at least that's what they say......Okay enough rambling, photos now...

this is the side with the snazziness but you can hardly see it...*bummer

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