Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Patternless Purdy + Design ruler

Hey all!...Y'all know by now that I don't sleep; well I do but not much because of this sewing really is an addiction but I could be addicted to worse least that's what the ladies and I always say when we're in the fabric store for hours...
Quite a while ago (maybe even a year and a half or more) I made a dress but I didn't care for it...I had a clear idea in my head but I didn't know how to sew up what I had in my head...with the result of my novice sewing skills at the time I ended up with a shapeless dress in some of thee prettiest avoid ripping and tearing at the fabric I hung it up until my skills improved...
Well this evening I was going to start on a new dress but I remembered about my dress I had such high hopes for...I grabbed it up and applied my ever so advancing sewing skills to it and I am so happy now with it...I took the bodice area a couple inches and it worked like a charm...I was thinking I would have to add darts but I didn't need to....I paired it with my DIY Obi-style belt it is very pretty if I do say so myself...Well let me show you then huh?!
P.S. My last trip to Hancock's was less than desirable as they didn't have my designer ruler and the sales lady was not very helpful in my quest to own one...I ended up going to JoAnn's and they not only had the ruler I need but also a Thread's Fitting magazine!....I'm learning so much stuff with my Vogue book...I found out how much I needed my new French curve by reading it....A new 4-gore skirt coming up soon!

MsKRS' patternless halter dress and DIY Obi-style belt...Super cute, fast, DIY style MY WAY..

the goods I grabbed from JoAnn's....very cool, very cool indeed...

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