Tuesday, August 6, 2013

McCall's "calls" and I ALWAYS answer

Good afternoon everybody!...I was up til' 4:30 this morning sewing up McCall's Fashion Star pattern # M6556 View A just because....its a dress with a fishtail kinda thing happening on the right side...I serged all the edges instead of doing the narrow hem the pattern called for; on the pattern envelope I didn't like the hemmed look....knit fabric always looks cool to me when its serged too...I was able to practice pattern matching with the knit fabric I used...I did pretty good ;).....it looks kinda funky on Pink Cookie though; I think its because of the extra fabric on the fishtail side...but when I tried it on it was cool.....there is another dress pattern included with this one; its a close fitting dress that I have thee perfect fabric for, I may whip it up next.....and I don't know if I told you but I had already finished McCall's pattern #M6083 View C a little while ago too...its a jumpsuit with matching sash...it was kinda easy to whip up although I had trouble with the pockets and ended up omitting them...now I don't know why I got tripped up with the pockets though, I have done them before (shrugs shoulders)...maybe I was feeling "some kinda way" that day I was sewing and it just didn't work out...I still got a jumpsuit out of the deal!...I wore it today; and my little camera lady (my babygirl) was home from her jobs today so I grabbed her up to take a few photos...I initially had some wedges on with my jumpsuit but I had to drive my babygirl to an orientation earlier and in some of my wedges driving feels funny....so by the time I took the photos I had already changed into some flats....the jumpsuit is sooo comfy; I think its the wide leg feel....I may try and start something this afternoon but right now I'm going to share these photos with y'all and watch Judge Judy! lol  (I love that lady) ;)

the front

a shot of the back

the fishtail side

tried to show the serged edges.....



  1. Very cute. I just love the knit.

  2. Thank you Tanya!...I love sewing with knits...they are just so comfy and they don't need a lot of primping like other fabrics...Which fabrics do you like sewing with? :)