Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Simplicity pattern + a Fashion Star pattern + no pattern at all

Howdy folks!...I'm up of course watching Frasier and winding down for the night...My kittens are getting big, they are 4 months old...We went to get food for them today and inquired about their upcoming surgeries (spay and neuter)....Well needless to say we are going to have to shop around more because the pet hospital inside the pet store said it would be over $400 dollars!...ummmm no...just no...I had called the SPCA before but I kinda didn't want them to have their surgeries there....but they were waaaayyyy cheaper than the pet hospital.....I have to get on it though, I wanted it done before they were 6 months....I hope they wont be in too much pain; I'm kinda sad to have to put them through that but its necessary...*le sigh*....
Now onto my 25 cents pattern....remember the tank maxi dress I made for my friend a while back?...well I made myself one...I like how it turned out and I almost, almost matched the stripes perfectly...yeah they are big stripes but I did still did good though LOL!...just kidding, but I am getting better....Now that I sew I am always looking at someone elses dress and noticing that the stripes don't match...I cringe at that now...sewing girl issues I guess....I also made a Fashion Star pattern too the other day....(I believe I talked about this one last post; I love it so came out so nice!)
I wore one of my two of my creations last night to hang out with some friends and I felt lovely, just lovely...I always feel extra happy when my entire outfit was created entirely by patterns, just my sewing mojo and my machine....Another reason sewing is just so darned cool...the possibilities are literally endless...I don't even get excited about ready made clothing anymore, I would rather sew my own clothes....I LOVE SEWING

Well let me share the photos now...


This skirt doubles as a dress and I've worn it as a dress can take a look by clicking this link:

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