Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sunny Day, Sky Teal?

Good afternoon everybody!...the sun is shining bright around these parts and there is warmth to it!...Im going to enjoy some of that sun with some of my friends in a few....remember my "Trendy Top" I made a while ago?...Im wearing it today...also made my babygirl and I some bandeau bras last night and I'm wearing mine today....I used my tie-dye fabric; I knew I was saving it for a reason....I love wedges so of course I have on a pair of them too...
On another note, Im kinda irritated because our landlord is coming over for the 9 millionth time...I believe we will be moving in a few....I like to be left alone and this landlord does NOT seem to understand that....
Irritations go along with life right?...I wish I could sew them all away...well, photos now!

Love my tie-dyed bandeau..pretty good for my first time tie-dyeing something and making a bandeau!

my babygirl's bandeau


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