Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring is "Spring-ing" w/ MsKRS + New Look Patterns

Howdy everybody!...I was in an okay mood until my huny came home and told me some stupidity about our landlord and his shenanigans....I am so ready to move away from this raggedy house; I never felt it was home anyway...But that's enough of the Pissed Off Pam talk and on to some pretty sewing....(Thank God for sewing or I would have offed some folks already I swear)...I copped a couple of New Look Patterns the other day and this is one of em......This snazzy little number is from New Look's Patterns #0180, View C...I always seem to want to make the most complicated view but it always seems to be the prettiest....I'm crazy as hell like that....smh....I, of course put my own spin on it; like omitting the zipper because the fabric is very stretchy....I love polka dots!....Whadaya think?


  1. I love this dress! It looks great. You are really doing so much sewing, I can't believe it! J

    1. Thank you Janelle!...I am so into vintage stuff right now...I have been looking into the older, retro patterns that still keep us pretty but modest...I love this dress too and the polka dots are one of my faves...I came out nice..I am amazing MYSELF! sewing is improving with each piece I whip up...the patterns are always on sale for one or two dollars so I have been sewing away! Thanks for commenting! (hearts and smiles) :)