Monday, March 25, 2013

Soup's On!

Heyyyy good evening everybody!...I don't know if I have ever shared that I LOVE to eat...I mean LOVE....Good food and intelligent conversation are two of my absolute faves...Add some brews and/or spirits and the conversation may go from intelligent to hilarious but its all good either way...One of my friends introduced me to a savory soup a couple years ago that has a super cool story that originated from Louisiana way back in the day....If and when time permits, look it up!....The soup is called Yakamein (Yock-ah-mane) and it is goooood...I made soup today because I always miss making soups when its so hot out...the heat is coming; it was 80-something degrees today...I'm including the recipe in this post (click on the link below) but not its history as I always believe that if you read it yourself it will stick with you! least that's what my Mom used to tell me...and it always did and still does; the history of this soup is almost as good as eating the stuff I tell ya what! (in my Hank Hill voice)...this soup is perfect for those (like myself) who do NOT like Menudo and other soups for overindulgence of alcohol if you know what I mean LOL!....If you try the recipe, let me know!...I would love to hear what you thought about it...



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