Saturday, February 2, 2013

Melancholy day + ME + My designs

Hi everybody!...I usually always use or wear something I have created everyday and today was no different...Me and my huny had to go to Target and the grocery store today and this was my outfit of the day (OOTD)....We try and go to those places during the week because it is always so packed on the was no different...while we were rushing I forgot my washing soap, some cheese (block and slices), some seasoning salt, and a couple of other things....basically some of the more important things I meant to get....and I didnt feel like going back...I will more than likely go on back next week when the hustle and bustle dies down and the after-Super Bowl sales start!....
Well I just wanted to share my outfit and a couple of my latest creations using my fabric paints!....(I've shown this shirt on my dressform before)...Talk to you all soon! :D

Top and bag designed by Me, MsKRS

Me showing off the details of my new top....

Happy Mushrooms by MsKRS

I whipped this at my daughter's request...She "mustache" you if you like it with a fox? a box?...with a Lox?...( courtesy of the Dr. Suess fabric lining)...:)

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