Saturday, February 23, 2013

MsKRS is so profesh

Hi folks!...I finally got the opportunity to debut my new dress I whipped up a few weeks back...I had a couple of appointments so I decided that my new dress would be perfect for 'em....I love, love, love this dress....I will be making more of this dress for sure...I made view C and there are 4 more views to make from the same pattern (New Look 0110)....This is my first dress I ever made from a commercial pattern which always seem so hard for me to understand....this one was fairly easy and the results can only get better with more practice...I was proud of myself and I am totally cool with actually seeing my sewing skills improve with every project....I also made my clutch too...I have made the clutch before though; it is Amy Butler's Charm Clutch pattern....the clutch came out well too because I have made it before....this sewing thing; has become MY and basically forever....okay ramble over, photos now....

tried to show the super cool reminded me of my Mom's dresses she used to wear...I love vintage stuff...especially when it has potential to still look this nice!



the pattern....I made the one featured on the model...the sleeveless one is next for Spring....

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