Monday, January 28, 2013

"Blossom"ing skills

the front

side shot

the back

a shot of the interior
Good evening all!...of course I am up again messing around in my sewing room...I usually opt for quick projects because I like instant gratification when I sew....but this go 'round I wanted a "project"...My first sewing book was Amy Butler's Style Stitches and her Blossom bag has always been soooooo darling to me...but how cute I thought it was is just how intimidating the pattern was to me....there are plenty of steps and material when it comes to making one of her while they call for a buncha stuff the finished bag is just snazzy!!...when I first started sewing she was one of the first bag ladies I discovered....I am on the hunt for her Kalencom bag patterns here little vac and sew shop may stock them by least I hope they do...I have been able to nab a couple of her individual patterns there took me around four days to complete this bag and I my stitching skills are advancing...I am starting to understand more about sewing as a whole...basically, sewing is getting cooler by the minute!!...Glad to be on board!!...Rambling?..yep, like always.......


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