Thursday, July 9, 2015

Designer MsKRS and Simplicity

Good late evening everybody!...Yeah, I'm still up and messing around in my sewing room....I've been spending a lot, a lot of time in there keeps my mind off of what I've gone through and the pain of it all.....and you know what?...pain really does produce some good sh*t....I mean you're all in your feelings and somehow out of the pain something cool comes from it...its weird but true....not to say that you have to be jacked up to get good results but since this is life and all it may be a healthy way to look at the inevitable amiright?...
Around this time last night I was working on a new cross-body bag but I got bored and left off at the clasp and straps....I'll finish it soon though, I know I will.....I've been making so many little things lately too...I made my first pairs of undies the yesterday.... I made my daughter a pair and myself two out of some some laces I had in my stash....I felt a little weird about posting them though so I just opted to share that they came out pretty cute!!!!....I also made 8 hand towels; 4 for my GRANDdaughter and 4 for us.....super easy, instant gratification projects you know?...
Now this post is about my abundance of creativity which is always swirling around in my brain....
Y'all know I'm a lightweight designer right? (smile)...from time to time I like to just wing it without the tediousness of a too-many piece pattern...I had a outfit in mind that I wanted to make come alive and tonight I guess was the night...I started out trying to drape the knit I used into a top....the colors made me think of my stash.....I had these two funky fabrics I bought at least two years ago at Hancock's; online I didn't get to see how they were but when they got here I remember looking at them for quite a while desperately trying to think of something, anything I would or could make with them.....well, I couldn't think of one damn thing so I neatly folded them up and added them to my stash.....until tonight....of course I had a pattern that fit the bill which I just got about maybe two or three weeks ago...I had the outfit in mind then when I grabbed it...
that pattern is Simplicity's S0432 View E, and it was only one pattern piece too!...I used it for the base of my project.....Whodathunkit?!...that's always a plus....I was originally going to whip up View C....
The fabric I used will speak for itself in terms of me not having a clue what it would become....its sheer as they come, has shiny hairs in stripes on it, and its Sunny yellow...I also have had the printed knit for quite some time too...I got a new shelf for my fabric last night and rediscovered was a remnant that I thought was so cute; cost me a dollar I believe....Well, I'm rambling now like always because I like to talk hunty! LOLOLOL...any idea sewing been going on?...did you use a pattern or wing it like I did? me! 

Whadaya think?...I friggin' love it...but I may be a little biased....(wink-wink)

MsKRS designs, sometimes...

side shot of my new threads.....

shot of the back.....

MsKRS' Pink Stitches 

See the hairs??....super effin' cool man, super effin' cool!!!!!


  1. Runway cute! Love it & love your creative brain!💜 mama Dee


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