Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Movin' on up

Hey all!....we moved recently to a new house that seemed to be catered to me!...I have a new sewing room!...I will share photos of course at the end of this post....I also had to try it out and completed a totebag/shopper set last night as well....my first creation from this room is very sunny and bright....I love the room...I can close all the doors and just create until my heart's content....(although I dont shut the doors, I like to see what my huny is doing hehehehe).....this house was very dirty when I we moved in so my sewing room was set up last after I cleaned and disinfected this new place....I guess I saved the best for last.....I also started two new classes yesterday as well...I was very busy doing this, that, and the other....I finally have some down time and figured I had better say something before everyone thinks I fell off the face of the Earth!.....im still here and still sewing up stuff....so check out my new sewing room and shopper set.....watch out, the following photos are soooo cool you gotta wear shades!...LOL!

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