Monday, July 30, 2012

Is it the new sewing room?

Oooh Wee!...I have been creating some super cute clothes!....Some of my sewing friends know that a little while ago I found a cool sewing blog written by a pretty little lady who goes by the name of Mimi G....she creates some of thee nicest things...and she isnt new to this game at all and it shows baby!...anyways, she posted on her blog that she had been checking out some jean from True Religion and the other one from Diesel....they are both almost $300.00!!!!!...ummmm, no I would rather have that in fabric and plants....LOL...but the skirt is sooo cute so she decided to create a tutorial so we all could have our own original....(did I mention that this is a FREE tutorial)....boy oh boy did mine come out cute....Here is a link to her blog and believe me you might be on the hunt for a new sewing machine if you dont have one already ....her middle name should be INSPIRATION....I also made a super cute halter top that is a "shirr" thing baby! (in my Austin Powers voice)...I usually take photos and display them but these clothes are sooo cute I have to show them on me....Photos dont do them justice like at all....Well, maybe just a sneaky peek before I debut them....hehehehehehe!

The back of my new denim maxi

the front view....Thanks Mimi!

My new halter....super cute huh?


  1. Thank you sweetheart! love the skirt and I will post a list of recommended books ;-)

    1. You are so welcome Mimi!...and thank you for the tute! :)