Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sewing is a gateway

Good morning everyone I guess I should say since its 12 am right now where I am...I have been in my sewing room literally all day creating things and doing other little business...I have some good news to share!...One of my friends is opening a boutique in Indiana and she wants to display some of my bags!  How cool is that?...I mean seriously, how cool is that?...and I am due to meet with someone else for her boutique here locally later on today!....I am feeling the sewing love I tell you what!...I love to sew and thats all there is to it....I whipped up a maxi skirt earlier but I didnt take any photos...I plan on wearing it on my birthday so I will take a couple shots of it then....I sewed up another bag from my Tashae line I created...One of my cousins said it reminded her of Hello Kitty!...I thought that was thee coolest thing especially since I have loved Hello Kitty since I was a little the present I am sprucing up a halter top that was Lavender in color...I used Tulip's Permanent Fabric Dye and now its a pretty violet color....Im putting it in the wash is going well, I only have 5 more courses left!...(the home stretch is killing me though).....I believe I have another purse to share from my Tashae line too but I will have to check the last post to see if I did already...well I dont want to go on and on so I will get to the photos now hehehehe!.....P.S. I really love my new sewing room...I really do....and I have some super cute new business cards!  Yep, sewing has completely taken over my life....and I love it!

The latest bag by me, MsKRS...its called the "Toot" which is a nickname my Mom gave to my daughter when she was a little girl...:)

Do you see Hello Kitty? :)

My dye job for tonight....

Pretty violet purple color....I cant wait to wear it! :)

Yes, Yes!  These are cool!...Tulip products are the best!

The halter that is getting a makeover tonight...the before photo...

also one of the latest bags whipped up from my Tashae line...This one is called the "Nichelle"....

Super cool, new business get this, they are Pink, AND have pinked fabric around the edges on the front AND the back!...I got the idea for my name because I love pinking shears and look at this card....Sewing is definitely for me....;)  (new business cards courtesy of Vista Print although they were NOT free like they advertise)

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  1. wow LOOK at you!! expanding all over the country!! lol I'm from Indiana so you need to tell me where this boutique is! I love your purses!!! and new biz cards are so cute!
    I've neglected my blog and Etsy for so long, I try to sew but just not had time lately.. or just not into it as much this summer = ( I still buy fabric though so its not deserted me ! lol