Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hi Y'all

Hi folks, I have been trying to space my posts out but I thought I had better write something before too long....I have been doing okay, and the classes are going all right although I have to write a paper EVERY friend says its just to rule out the weak but sheesh!...I finally copped the new Sew It All (volume 4) and I must say I am impressed....there a lot of good stuff to sew up and enjoy, information-stocked, and packed with sewing goodness once again...I have them all now and I literally cant sleep because of it....on a pie chart, sewing would be thee biggest piece of my world...well, besides my life! LOL!....I also picked up the new Sew Stylish (a magazine Threads puts out, soooooo cool and thats my second one of I hear collection?)....I recently organized a virtual sew-along with a couple of family members, just waiting on them to say they copped the pattern and fabric....we are sewing up #1808 from Simplicity's SewStylish line......I have also been doing a buncha other stuff like refashioning and dyeing fabric...did some tie-dye and revived an old halter top to a beatiful purple hue.....Bliss indeed....Well of course I have photos to share because they speak louder than me sometimes...and thats LOUD!....hehehehe talk to you soon!

Me and my daughter's t-shirts..I refashioned mine...

This is a skirt I whipped up along with my refashioned t-shirt....I love colors, especially bright ones!

My reason for insomnia, no seriously....

From the editors of Threads

Bobbins in a Button...the button container adn bobbins were my Mama's :)

MsKRS' new cushions...I had some super old pillows so I transformed them into these two cuties!

Introducing Wild, Raw Chocolate.....The lastest pouch by MsKRS....

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