Monday, August 13, 2012

Sewing bug steady biting

Hey yall!....been sewing just a bit lately.....going to vent about school now....I have been kinda irritated because on my last writing assignment I received a low anyone who knows me knows I love to write and low scores and writing don't go together with low scores except for in math for me and then it is to be expected....Make a long story short my instructor ticked me off because I specifically asked him what content he was requiring and he was very vague; almost like he didnt want to explain...then boom!..a low score...geez...anyway, vent over, I guess i'm over it and tomorrow's a new day...I of course sewed my blues away and created a few little super full right now too writing this (that's why i'm not sewing)...I made spaghetti, garlic bread, and a simple green salad.....very good I tell you what!....well let me share these photos and I will get with you lovely folks later....

Used some old pillow cushions to create these pretties...Just what that little space needed; a little color....

Whipped up this off-the-shoulder shirt for myself the other day....I love it....its patternless

Created this pouch the other day too...not to toot my own horn but its really cool...I may try my hand at a tutorial for this one...its that nice! LOL!

MsKRS' new saw them first HERE!...originally created by me, MsKRS!

A new halter top I made for my babygirl..:)

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