Saturday, July 19, 2014

I just love the vintage stuff; a lot.....

Good evening all!...I've been in the streets as my elders would say since I got off work yesterday and I can say I'm tired now....Its my birthday weekend (my actual birthday is Monday) so I decided to go visiting my was one of my friend's birthday today I went over there and spent the day with her....Now as you all know I LOVE VINTAGE and anything "old school" and sewing and patterns don't hardly ever disappoint....I'm showcasing Simplicity's remake of one of their Jiffy patterns; #1609 View C....I made this dress quite some time ago and had only worn it once to my Sweetest's Aunt's wedding....I decided to wear it today because I just felt vintage-y.....and I've been watching Mad Men since I got Netflix a few weeks ago so I fell right back in total love with that era's fashion.....I also found some Jellies (shoes) that I wore as a child as well as my soon as I saw 'em I knew I had to have all the way old school is what I was today....
I loved sewing this has 4 darts on the front and shoulder darts too...the reason its called a Jiffy pattern is because it only has two main pattern pieces....but the details are just awesome....I whipped it up out of some super cool Pique I found at Hancock's of course...they also had Pink but I opted for the Blue.....I could hardly photograph the details well enough while wearing the dress but I wrote a blog post about it when I finished a while back and those photos were better at showing the awesome little details I love so much about this dress...I have a matching sash but I didn't wear it today..its beyond comfortable and I'll definitely be getting a few more wears out of it before the Summer ends.....let me know if you want to read about it and I'll post the link....Do you have a favorite style to sew?...If you do, what is it?....I'll talk to you good people soon!

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