Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Knits and Old School Simplicity

Good evening everybody!...I guess I can share that this is my birthday month and I'm excited this go' round...it may be due to the scales of life ain't always tipped too far in the wrong way all the time lately.....now don't get me wrong; sh*t happens like all the time and always will...but nowadays its usually not the end of the world hahahaha!...I noticed that when I'm happier I blog a little more....I like that....
Anyway, I decided a little while ago to write a quick blog post to share my latest creation out of my stash of knits....Its been overly HOT like it always is around this time (110 degrees just today and its still burning up outside) so tight, stuffy clothes are NOT on the menu these days...knits are always soft and breathable and my subconscious must have been guiding me on my latest fabric shopping sprees...I have quite a few knits in my stash right now and I'm about to sew 'em all up....the sewing bug was biting the other day so I reached for my old school maxi dress pattern (it debuted in 1993) and whipped it up; with some modifications....I've made this style before but I did different sleeves with a printed knit...I blogged about it recently...I needed something speedy and nice and Simplicity's 8479 View 4 is just awesome....Its essentially only two pieces but I always cut the back in two pieces...I just like the distinction from the front and back; it looks much better to me....it boasts the "1-Hour dress" label and they're on the money...its super fast to whip up....I got another story to tell but I'll wait 'til this weekend to share again....
Pictures now; I gotta get my gear ready for tomorrow....talk to you good folks soon...but before I go; I have a question....why is so many people not all that excited about sewing with knit fabric?...I ask because I've never had an apprehension....I guess when you dont know to be scared you're not huh?...how you yall feel about sewing with knits?....like it or nahhh?...why or why not?....


My mini skirt days are back with the Summer heat and my top.....

Side view....

the first time I modified the pattern.....(a few weeks ago I believe)


  1. Yea, I was very confused recently when i realized that most people who've been sewing for years didn't really sew knits and were terrified. I had just jumped right in. Didn't know I was supposed to be scared lol
    and Happy Birthday fellow cancer! mine is tomorrow :-)

    1. I know right!!!??? there are so many people that dont really care to sew with knits...I just wonder why because it isnt hard like at all....I just wonder what the deal is you know?...LOL thank you for commenting and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! :)