Monday, May 6, 2013

Smooth like "Butter"ick Patterns

Hiiii everyone!...Good afternoon/early evening!..I'm sitting here excited about my new dress although it gave me a time trying to put it together....I just completed another one of Butterick's See & Sew #B5871 View A...I've made this dress before but I didn't make it according to the directions...that's why I decided to sew it again to see if I could get it all the way right...well, I'll just say I have to make it again LOL...even though its not "right" its very nice...I love the fabric for this one (the first one I made was a seersucker-type, stretchy type fabric) and this one is a silky, slippery fabric...
The bodice was the part that gave me just too many issues and now I know exactly why I didn't follow the directions when I made it the first time...I didn't understand 'em!...this time around I learned what I was supposed to do and it made the finish much cleaner and eliminated the need to finish the arm and neck holes...I left out the elastic at the waistline with this one...I didn't want my fabric crinkled like that but I added quite a few extra pleats in the skirt....I almost wanted to gather it but the there are pleats on the bodice and the skirt so I kept it going....
The absolute best thing about this dress is the hem...I used my SUPER COOL hemming foot and the hem is immaculate!...I love that hemming foot so sewing skills are advancing quite well because before I would have never even thought about changing the foot if I wasn't doing a zipper...I have bowl full of feet left to try...I have a good feeling my ruffler foot is going to knock my socks right off! (smile)....okay photos now then?...;)


  1. Wow, a knockout dress, fabulous! Love those attachments, they make sewing so much easier, especially ruffles.

  2. Thank you so much Victoria!...I cant get enough of that hemming makes such a beautiful and neat finish....Come back soon! ;)

  3. Wow, wow, wow! Beautiful dress. I'm not surprised you're pleased

  4. Awww thanks Helen!....I thought it was going to be a failure at first..the stitching was all wrong and I dont even know how it messed up so bad..I just left it alone and came back to it when I had a better understanding of the pattern.. ;)

  5. Love it, looks great!! :)