Saturday, June 27, 2015

Walking Dead and Sewing

Well a might fine hello to all of you good people this evening!...I'm lucky to be making this post and still being able to create cool stuff with my machines!...
If you've been keeping up you know I've been having mad problems with my "monthly" and the only long term solution was surgery....Well I just had that surgery this past Tuesday and the entire experience was HORRIBLE....I bled out and almost passed away during surgery, then I get discharged and passed out from the lack of blood and have to go immediately back to the ER within 15 minutes of arriving home!....I didn't even get to go inside!....&*&^%$#@!#$%%^^!!!!!...then of course another damn transfusion with an iffy cat scan that may or may not have seen something else post surgery....I finally get home and the pain is took me all the way back; 20 years ago when I had my first surgery = a Cesarean section to deliver my daughter....the pressure and pain is horrendous....but I survived and I'm grateful.....(wipes forehead)....I still have pain and pressure but for the most part I'm coming on back to myself.....I even had enough energy to finish a little shrug I started the day before my surgery...I kinda wanted to have worked on something if I was to "go into the light".....
I started Butterick's Fast & Easy B5928 View A....I wanted to lengthen the pattern in the back but I wasn't quite sure how I would do it and my focus wasn't all that great that day either with the upcoming near death experience looming over my damn I set out to just be in my sewing room messing with my stuff....Usually with the "very easy" or "easy" monikers its everything but; however this pattern told the truth about only had 4 pattern pieces which you know is my kinda pattern; and only 5 if you wanted to add sleeves....the pattern called for fabrics like Crepe, wool blends, and Gabardine but I used a polka dot knit fabric from my stash....and you know it came from Hancock's Fabrics; my effin' FAVE....
I altered it a bit too....I didn't include the pleats because the fabric already has this super cool texture that's wrinkly and pleat-y already....and I did NOT line it either....its just plain old too hot around here.....this weekend our temps hit 108 degrees! there was a lot of serging I had to do to finish the raw edges...I love the way it turned out and I'm going to make another knit one and attempt to lengthen it too....My Babygirl has a pretty shrug that she bought ready to wear....maybe I'll do that to give myself a reason to use my super awesome Swedish tracing paper!  Yeah baby! (in my Austin Powers voice).....Pictures now 'cause I gotta rest for the evening....even though I feel like I want to start something else....but I don't want to over-do it you know?....Until I gain more strength then,

pattern picture....they're all so cute! 

my notes...remember I said I was going to start taking notes on the patterns I sew from now on?...I'm sticking to it! 

Here she is!...Purty cute huh? 

Side view....

Back shot....I love this little number....


  1. I'm happy to hear that you are okay.

    The shrug is really pretty!

    1. Awww thanks Tasha...that mess was just terrible...and the recovery aint all that great either....thanks for checking on me...:)