Monday, June 8, 2015

Color-happy romper on the short side

Hiya everybody!...I was trying to blog a little earlier but the power was never fails though; when the temperatures rise over the 100 degree mark our power company has work to do restoring overworked, parched power lines...the power just kicked in a few minutes ago and I'm was quite stuffy in here with the outside temps at 108 degrees!!!!!
Anyway this post features a romper I made way last year when the "cold" started to come back...I made it towards the end of September....I had only worn it once and of course I was in one of those famous moods of mine and didn't feel like taking not one picture; so I didn't....but this past weekend I didn't mind it so much so I snapped a few....
I made McCall's 6083 again; this time View A....Now I've made this pattern a few times before with issues every other time with the pockets....when I made this one the pocket fairies were on my side because I didn't have to get Clover (my seam ripper; its the brand name but it fits)......I also lengthened the pattern because it was kinda two short for my taste nowadays....I added two inches and hemmed it with the regular 5/8 hem....I knew I had to have some of that fabric too...its like tie-dye, see-through lace, a buncha colors; it was just me all the way....and something told me I should make a super comfy romper with my trusty McCall's pattern....I have another romper/jumpsuit pattern but I haven't used it yet....Soon though I will....and I'm on the lookout for Simplicity's New Look pattern #6373....I need that.....
Well I guess I'll share and share with me too...who made something cute as eva' lately?...or last year like me lol?....Direct me to the makes!

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