Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cold, windy days need a "New Look" (Pic heavy)

Good evening everybody!...Remember in my last post I was talking a little bit about the drought that's been going on around these parts?...well today we finally got some rain...I believe its still raining out there right now; and its supposed to last for a few days....I hope the farmers are collecting it because the new water allowances are kinda strict and not in a good way....When I left the house earlier it wasn't raining but I knew it would be by the time I got to the house....I ended up going to my friends house for a couple hours; her Mom came in town this morning....
Who remembers my complete obsession with Mad Men?...well its STILL going strong and I on the lookout for the seasons on DVD or Blu-ray....I love the old school fashion and how its still so "me" now....I decided to rock a dress I made a few months ago with my Mad Men in mind....this is New Look's pattern # 0110 View D....I know I blogged about it a while back when I finished it but I've never worn it until today....I was going to belt it but when I put it on it I felt it was cool how it was....I absolutely LOVE this dress...its so comfortable and the neckline is just awesome; I mean just friggin' came out so well...the zipper, along with the hook and eye also installed damn good...I'm getting so much better at those things....I always put my own spin on stuff and the sleeves show my style a little bit...I have serger stitches on my machine and I finished the sleeves that way....I used a printed knit fabric from Hancock's (of course) and the drape and feel are just right....this pattern has 4 or 5 views and I'm pretty sure I'll get around to whipping em all up sooner or later....Since it was kinda brisk and rainy I couldn't rock my heels so I threw on my trusty boots....This dress was inspired by the lovely red-head named Joan from the show...and anybody that watches the show knows she can rock a dress honey!!!!!....Well since there are quite a few pictures I wanna share I'll shut up now and show to you good folks soon!


a shot of the back...neckline, zipper, front and back darts, and vent split?....piece a' cake.....

 Neckline is FIERCE......check my sleeves though....this is "my dress is sooo HOT" face...LOL

vintage button from my Mama's stash.....that neckline though.....

tried to get a shot of the hook and eye...they are pretty hard to photograph....well the small ones are....

crazy, jacked up picture my friend took....*le sigh* I miss my babygirl taking my pictures....others don't understand how I need them.....LOL

 See Joan's dress?...I had to have one similar....I just had to....

I made view D.....


  1. What a great dress, you look fab!

  2. nice work! What a beautiful dress. I especially love the collar.

  3. Thank you so much ladies!!!!!...the collar on this dress is just the coolest....thank you so much for visiting and I apologize for the late response...I guess when I reply via email it doesnt deliver....Please visit again soon and often....:)))))