Sunday, February 23, 2014

All BLACK Err'thang; Naturally

Hey y'all hey!...its a good Sunday around here with the temps still a little too high for this time of year but nonetheless enjoyable....I decided to take advantage of my huny being home for a while and get him to snap a few photos so I can write a new post...Now remember when I said I had something totally HOT to show?...well here it is.....
Its McCall's M6083 again; this time in this is the 3rd time I've made this jumpsuit and this is by far my favorite...(Can y'all tell I love this pattern)...I usually don't wear all Black but today just seemed like I should just do I did...and I like it...A LOT...I added a couple of waist darts and tuxedo stripes but the pictures don't hardly show those day I'll get to know my camera better or I'll get a new one that does stuff for me.....but for now I love my little Nikon....I whipped this one up at least a month ago but as I said before I just didn't feel like taking pictures of myself...and since Pink Cookie (my dressform) doesn't have legs I cant take photos of pants until I wear 'em....I still have pants that I've made and haven't shown because I wasn't in the mood to flick it up when I wore 'em....I'll get around to it though...its no biggie LOL....but this jumpsuit though, I love it.....Did I ever say how much I LOVE heels?....Well, my love for heels is running neck and neck with my sewing....yeah, THAT much.....
Did anybody notice my "wild" hair?...I've been on a mission to have natural hair and this is the result of my first twist-out....ummmm, it didn't turn out so well but I rocked it anyway...the relaxed ends are getting in the way....I snipped 'em after I twisted them up (about a 1/2 inch to 1 inch on all the twists) but the straight ends still remain...I've been snipping on the ends ever since I told myself that I was going back to my nappy roots....not complaining though, I'm only 6 months into my transition so it was something I expected.....I just wanted to try it July I'll be at my year mark and the "twist-out" should be much, much curl pattern is peeking through though and I cant get enough of it....Okay y'all let me share the photos now, Cheaters just came on....LOLOL (another one of my guilty trash TV pleasures)....I included links to the other times I whipped it up for y'all to see....
Talk to you good folks soon!

1st time I whipped it up:

2nd time I whipped it up:






  2. I know huh?...Like a longer necklace or just wear two....I know I'll make it again so I'll keep that in mind my friend....thank you for visiting; come back soon! :)