Thursday, July 25, 2013

Melancholy day = Super cute outfits

Hi yall!!!!!...this will be a little short blog post just to let you folks know I'm still alive and well; despite what life continuously lobs at us....I got some bad news yesterday (I didn't get the gig I was counting on) and I must say I felt down, real down....Of course I wanted to sew because no matter what's going on I still keep sewing on the brain...Its permanent and I don't have a problem with that...anyway, I decided to go in my sewing room, grab some fabric out of my stash and start stitchin'....with pain comes beauty and that most certainly applies to my latest outfit.....I whipped up a maxi skirt and halter top and I must say I love the outfit....I didn't really have the energy to use a pattern so I whipped up both pieces just using my sewing know how (I love that stuff!)...the outfit came out very nice indeed...(yes, I AM tooting my own horn)...
I also have to mention that I was featured on HAPPY BLACK GIRL last week too...I'll see if I can post a link to the article....its really, really cool! can read the feature by clicking the link below! Let me know what you think!

I may sew up something else this evening; I have my eye on some more fabric in my stash that would make a super pretty maxi skirt....I love those things...they are just so comfy and cute....Well I'll share the photo of my new fit now and I will talk to you good people soon....

Patternless halter top and maxi skirt...super cute huh?...and those stripes are my fave; well besides polka dots...;)

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