Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Late night hype

Hey all!...another late night for me but it wasnt filled with sewing...I guess this post is more a vent post than anything as I have been sewing but not much....I do however have some photos to share of my latest stuff...I feel very "out of sorts" right now...Im sick and tired of school and I am sooo ready for it to be over....I have been in school for four straight years with no breaks....it is really getting to me lately too.....I have 5 courses left and they are dragging like nobody's business...I am also kinda down because I dont have a "real" job still, yet......its kinda depressing because I need a job to get my sewing thing up and running like I want to....I guess I will keep trying...it seems that is all I have been doing and all I can do...my family is supportive constantly telling me that things will happen when they are supposed to but I cant help wanting it to happen NOW....I am not patient nor have I ever been and its very, very hard for me to be when I have to....I know that may not be a good thing, to have NO patience but its me and I have been this way since I can remember.....I wanted to sew something this evening but im in pain right now too, feeling bloated and irritated with these monthly lady problems.....I just have a general down feeling right now....well I guess I will share my latest projects and talk to you good folks soon!

Finally got a dressform!...Her name is Pink Cookie! (Given to me by my huny's Mom)

one of my pair of favorite Mudd jeans I refashioned into "skinny" jeans...(they were very wide-leg at first)

I refashioned this men's shirt given to me by my huny!...it is a Wrangler shirt which means it has those cool snaps!...I love it!

Reversible green shopper!...How green is your sewing room?

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