Saturday, November 5, 2011

????? + LOVE

Good evening folks!  I wanted to touch bases with you guys and share some news thats been going on with me....I guess I finally understand that I sew well enough for someone to actually want to purchase something....I have sold a couple of pouches from my Etsy shop and I have also completed and sold my first custom order....I even sold a bag and pouch set and my customer was super happy!...its soooo surreal, you just never know where life will take you....How did I end up sewing anyway?...what was it that made me go into the garage that night and set up my sewing machine?...why didnt I ever do it before?...I can remember when I didnt even realize that I actually owned a sewing machine!..why didnt I ever even have the thought?......I wish I could pinpoint what it actually would be sooooo interesting to know what it was.......was it anything?....Life, is very strange and I for one always find myself on a super roller coaster that is sometimes whimsically fun or lowly sad (the death of my parents and Bigmama **rest in peace**)...I only wish they could have seen what I have done with my life so life is so drastically different from when they were with me...almost everything I do is entirely different but somehow the same in some aspects....I love my life and the people in it nevertheless and I am enjoying it....
((In total love with everything))
((((My Daughter))))
(((((My World)))))

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