Monday, November 21, 2011

Brunette Blooms

Another original MsKRS design....

a shot of the inside with a gathered pocket...learned this technique from my Bible....Thanks Lisa! :)

Another shot of the front of the bag with the button closure...the button came from my Mom's stash she left me.....

I love the bottom of the bag...

a shot of the back of the bag and the bottom...I may get some bag feet for the next bag...

Posted by Picasacompleted just today....A MsKRS original......")


  1. Hey I like that! Do you use heavy interfacing?

  2. No Suzee I dont. I dont really care for heavy interfacing for bags sometimes as it can be very bulky. I have fell in love with fusible fleece though but there is none on this bag, just light to medium wieght interfacing....:)

  3. Oh I forgot to say Thanks Suzee! :D