Saturday, August 8, 2015

Fashion; Butterick style

Good evening!...I'm sitting here relaxing, watching Seinfeld cracking up!...I swear the stuff they do and say is a mess!...I love the episode when someone talked Jerry into wearing a frilly "pirate" shirt; he was so embarrassed!...the reason why he was talked into it is because the person he was talking to was a "low talker".....he couldn't hear her so he just agreed to the shirt without knowing!...friggin' hilarious!
Now this post is about a dress I finished today; Butterick's Fast & Easy Fashion Express 1 Hour Pattern B5211....When I sewed this pattern before I made View B....this go 'round I made View C....When I first saw the views I didn't care for View C at all and I especially didn't like the sleeves....but let me tell you the sleeves are what I like most about my new dress....Sewing is funny like that sometimes....Like I can have a fabric that I think is just hideous...then one day I'll be looking for that fabric and I always seem to turn it into something nice....Sewing perk/quirk #515 amiright?....
I used a printed knit I snagged on one of my thrifting trips...its an "old lady" fabric which made me want it more...the print kinda looks like buttons!...the sewing perks/quirks just keep on happening!....I eliminated the pockets for no reason except that I felt the dress didn't need them....I was going to eliminate the facings too until I found thee cutest coordinating scrap in my stash; so I went ahead and added gave the dress a sort of coolness around the collar area because I used a smooth cotton....the facings were going to be eliminated too because its just so hot around here ~ if I would have used the same fabric I used for the dress I know it would have felt like I had on some kind of scarf! oh hell NO.....not when its already an oven outside....just NO....but it worked out like always....
I did most of the work last night with only the hemming left this afternoon....I'm getting good at this patience thing with my knits....maybe because I seem to sew with them quite often nowadays....I have a considerable amount of knits in my stash; and thinking of getting more from GirlCharlee in the very near future....I've never bought any fabric from them; but I have definitely been stalking them lately....I'll probably do the Sew Indie thing too so Hot Patterns will hear from me soon I know....Lolita Patterns has an entire spread of patterns to use for the challenge; now that's awesome!....Maybe I'll cop something from both of 'em!...
Well I guess I'll share my pictures now....I didnt take too many this time because I was kinda in a rush; on my way to a babyshower.....I'm getting kinda tired too....the sun has zapped a bunch of my energy...I'm trying to refuel with a bottled water but it's not helping much....I might just nap for a minute....then I'll be up the rest of the night in my sewing room....not that that would be a bad thing....
Who's been making stuff?....Share your makes with me! to you good people later....


  1. Very nice Christy! I love the cut, the color and the sleeves. I also like how you accessorized with jewelry and shoes!

  2. Thank you so much! I appreciate that!....Come back soon and often! :)

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  5. I like that dress and the sleeves aren't bad, as long as there not tight. The blue goes very well with green! Cute as always Kris!

    1. Thank you Shanika!...they have potential to be tight because you have to make em right to fit your arm....I measured em pretty good though....thank you for reading girl! :)