Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Tulle skirt, some cool heels, and a DIY charm bracelet

Good afternoon everybody!...I'm sitting here watching my team (the Oakland Raiders) give another game away on this beautiful Sunday least the sun is shining right?.....Its somewhat Fall-y around here (a few leaves have turned colors and fallen) but the temperatures allow you to still wear what your warm weather gear if you want to....the night gets a little cool but nothing to worry about just yet....I made a tulle skirt a couple weeks back but I didn't feel like writing a blog post about it.....I put it on my Instagram but no where else...but that didnt stop me from swooning over it....I mean I immediately fell in ABSOLUTE LOVE with it as soon as it was done...I mean the puffiness and girly feel to it just sewed me up (pun intended) was another project that I felt I should have done a tutorial because it was fun to make and not at all difficult.....the princess feel was in full effect I tell you what! LOL!....
My heels inspired the skirt; I knew I would have to bring them out some kind of way as they are basic but pretty still....I probably should have taken a close-up of them too but of course I didn't.....Just know that they are quite awesome and were a bargain too!
I also made my own charm bracelet around the same time I made the skirt....I went to JoAnn's (yall know I dont care for them like at all) to get some charm bracelet stuff 'cause they are the only ones with that kinda thing around here that I know of.....and for once in life they didnt piss me off; maybe because I didnt go in there for anything sewing related....I ended up finding some super cool charms and my Huny helped me put it together....lets just say: I LOVE MY NEW BRACELET but I took some pretty sh*tty pictures of it though...its awesome in real life I promise...I swear this sewing and crafty stuff is just the best thing can literally have anything you want....I like that....I like it a lot....Sharing now; cause I'm trying to see what this man is doing on Cheaters LMMAOOOOOOOooooo

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