Friday, June 6, 2014

MsKRS and another McCall's caller

Well good evening everybody!  How's it going and stuff?...I'm doing all right; and feeling good because I'm sewing....that's how I know I'm feeling like myself is when I cant help but sew.....Within the last month I've copped at least 12-15 new patterns...some from my recent thrifting trips and some from Hancock's....I took my time sifting through the patterns this go' round; maybe because I had the stores to myself...some trips were on my lunch break...what did I eat for lunch you ask?...some gummy worms and a water! hahahahaahaha!.....I always try to make a good dinner though when I do myself like that for lunch....but I really grabbed some good ones; and was even able to find some Fashion Star ones that I thought were discontinued....I recently cleaned my sewing room too and purged two big bags of scraps I had been hoarding for waaaaaayyyyy too long and threw away other unnecessary stuff I had thrown in sewing space can breath again! Whew!....
This evening I decided to make myself a new a top...I need one for tomorrow; a few of my besties are having a cookout...My friend got a new place and invited everyone over this weekend for fun and festivities!...I bought some printed pants a few weeks ago from Ross but I didn't get a shirt; matter of fact I didn't even look...and I didn't have one I wanted to pair with the pants in my closet....I could have actually sewn the pants I bought with no problem buuuuuut they were only like $11 dollars and I hadn't seen that particular chevron printed fabric...soooooo I grabbed 'em up......McCall's M6751 View D to the rescue for the top dilemma though....I went to my stash and grabbed a yard of some aqua-colored stretch lace from Hancock's the other day and it turned out perfect for the sewed up quick too; it only had two pattern pieces with no facings or anything...I serged the inside seams to clean 'em up....that serger boy I tell ya'; I love that thing and my Auntie is thee BEST for sending it to me....the lace fabric will come in handy too being as though its supposed to be 100+ degrees tomorrow here, Lawd....
Well I'll share the pictures now and stop my rambling....y'all know how I can go on with my sewing stuff (wink-wink) to you good people soon!

the before...those are my new Mundial pinking shears...they're pretty cool! 

Front view...I left the basting stitches in...smh...I gotta get those out and re-press...damn.....

Side View....

a back shot...its one of those hi-low numbers....whatcha' think?....(try to ignore the basting stitches when you consider....;)

basting stitches removed and re-pressed....looks MUCH better....I swear my mind moves too fast when I sew sometimes...I already have the next project on my table.  ;)


  1. It turned out lovely, my daughter love this. Can you tell me if working with the stretch lace was difficult at all? Im planning on getting a serger soon, myself.

    1. Thank you Kely Sews!...and it was super easy to work with...IMO, only the slippery fabrics are a pill to work long as the fabric has some kind of texture its cool to sew silk, chiffon, and others similar are a doozy! LOL Thank you again for commenting! (hearts and smiles) :)

  2. the shirt looks great.. i can't find stretch lace for the life of me

    1. Thank you Tasha! Do you have a Hancock's Fabrics where you live? That's where I usually get mine... Mood Fabrics too but they may be a little pricey :)