Monday, April 21, 2014

MsKRS is manic again; Mad Men Mania that is......(pic heavy)

Good afternoon everybody....I'm sitting here watching re-runs of Sex and the City and thinking of new stuff to sew up....Every time I think of my next outfit this maxi dress with extreme side splits and booty shorts keeps popping when I go in my sewing room and get going I'm almost certain that I still wont make that....LOL...Sewing is funny like that....I finally got a paid gig and I start next Monday....I'm not all that excited about it but I'm not all that irritated either....I knew after the Blood Moon I would crash and/or burn and the crash seems to have set in sometime yesterday....I went and celebrated another misguided holiday with my loved ones, enjoyed myself, and got home early....I just felt the crash setting in....A REAL MOON CHILD FORREAL.....but I did watch Mad Men last night and loved it of course...I probably stopped following the story line a long time ago because of the fashion...I still know whats going on though and Peggy irritated me last night....she's still a sweetheart though hahaha!....
Now this post is about basically a wearable muslin I whipped up a while ago and I just love its country style....its Mad Men-ish because of the neckline and print IMO....I love it a lot and its totally comfortable...I blogged about the dress a while ago but I didn't give it much attention....I believe Blogger was acting up so I may have put the photos on FB, I cant remember.......this fabric was thrifted on one of my many trips to the thrift store and I was quite surprised that it was a big enough piece to actually make a dress...I thought "muslin fabric" when I grabbed the bags of fabric that day....its always cool to make something right the first time around and the fabric isn't too hideous to wear.....I have a load of laundry going, my sewing room needs tidying, and my mind's eye needs to be rested...I'll talk to you good folks soon!..Oh and the first set of photos (the ones of my with no shoes are when I first finished it last year sometime) are going to be included too...the ones with my lovely wedges I'm showing too; I went to Target and Sprout...I needed some more Fage.....;)
P.S. I would like to partipate in this years Me Made May and I believe I who's going to take all my flicks?....check out my photos now....and did I say how much I LOVE MAD MEN?....well, I do...almost as much as sewing....(insert hearts and smiles here)

I wanted to leave the zipper exposed because I just think its sooooo cool...its a vintage, metal-toothed zipper from J & P Coats!.....besides the collar, that zipper is thee best feature of this dress...for something that was meant to be a muslin, its pretty damned cool....;)


  1. Cute dress, I haven't caught that show yet... but everyone talks about it

  2. Great dress! Love Mad Men and the fashions as well :)

  3. Thank you ladies so much!...the dresses on Mad Men are just lovely!...Kely check it out when time permits....You'll love it!....

  4. I really like the neckline on the dress. I'm not as thrilled with the clothing in the more recent seasons of Mad Men. I don't think the styles are as kind to women's figures. I like the more classic early 60's--more feminine. I'm curious what my kids and grandkids (someday) will say about the late 80's and early 90's when they come around again.

    1. Yes, those necklines just do it for me every time...and you're so right about this season's styles....that super short red dress that Shirley wore (the one that got the flowers and Peggy thought they were hers) was very lets just say, not me at seems that the 80's and 90's are back already with the high waist pants and skirts....and those
      neon colors! thanks so much for visiting Annette! :)