Friday, April 4, 2014

Cool to Sizzling.....

Good afternoon everybody!...I seem to be on a roll with my sewing and blogging this month....Maybe because my sewing room and skills are growing so I just wanna sew up the world....I have to contribute all my new, snazzy projects my sewing book Chic and Simple Sewing by Christine Haynes....that lady knows simple but nice; very nice....Before I know it I'll have sewn through the whole book....Last night as I unsuccessfully tried to fight the sewing bug off I broke down and sewed "The Indian Summer Dress"....I modified mine though, I didn't want the straps; they kinda made the dress look "homely" to me....besides strapless numbers are just too cute...especially with my back piece I got a couple years ago.....The title is also very fitting for our weather (it says Here Comes the Sun) before the title of the dress and next week is going to creep right on up into the 90' complaints here though, I love the heat....its the cold I cant stand....and its been crispy and cold this week with temperatures only reaching the high 60's to low 70's; at night dipping down to the low 30's...oh hell no......been raining all week too; well at night....Yucky weather in my opinion....but the warmness always beckons me to come play in the Sun.....and I always comply....Piccies now....


  1. That belt is perfect. Did you choose the belt or the fabric first? It is such a well matched pair.

    1. I had the belt already and the fabric I just grabbed out of my stash....Thank you so much for visiting and I apologize for the late response...I thought I had replied via email but I guess it didnt go through...:))))