Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Okay hey yall HEY

Hiiiii!..How is everyone this evening?...I hope good; as I am doing okay these days as well....the terrible stroke of luck seems to have subsided (at least for now) which always makes me feel much, much better....And with my good mood ALWAYS comes sewing and crafting....I cannot explain how much I love sewing...I never thought I would but my life is very much wrapped around it...I always look at my replica of a Pound Puppy I completed in high school and my sewing now; everything really does come back around...when good stuff comes back around its always the best and I thank God that sewing was one of them for me....I made a dress the other day and it came out super cute if I do say so myself...I didn't use a pattern; I tried I really did but they just irritate me so much...patterns, that is....they are just always such a big deal....Even the "So Easy" ones...what I came up with was perfect for me, especially since its my first sheath dress....I must admit though, I will have to suffer through this one sheath dress pattern because the cowl neck is just too cute....Anyway, I just wanted to say Hi...of course I will share some photos like I always do of my latest creations....Talk to everyone soon!
**Okay so apparently I didn't post this one so im doing it now...LOL...:)**

My new dress and obi belt

My new houndstooth skirt..I just made this one tonight!

My new clutch...I had been hoarding the studs for quite some time....

A pouch inspired by one I saw on Pinterest...and it gave me a reason to break out my fabric paint and brushes!  My daughter has already claimed it!

A foldover clutch I whipped up...have I shared this one before? :)

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