Wednesday, December 23, 2015

McCall's for the cold

Good evening y'all!...I'm sitting here debating on whether to start a new project; which is another dilemma because I want a new bag and dress at the same damn time....It'll probably be a bag; I did have that idea first.....I want a new dress too.....I've been on the lookout for some Ankara and mud cloth pieces too but I haven't found any of those yet either...If I had some of that I'd be making a skirt for sure....I'm already rambling huh? LOLOL! I got a lotta sewing ideas swirling and they don't stop for I decided to write about it!
I've been making quite a bit of cold weather stuff lately but I haven't had time to talk about 'em just yet...In the last few weeks I've made a cape, and blazer, two cardigans (that my daughter claimed as her own), and the coat I'mma show yall in a few....all whipped up out of awesome pieces I snagged at my favorite Hancock's Fabrics.....
The coat is a cute little McCall's pattern ~ #M7256 I bought on sale a little while ago....I made View A; I left the sleeve flounce off because I didn't really like it...I even cut it out and pinned in on because I sometimes change my mind about liking a feature but nahhhh not this time....I thought about lengthening the sleeves but I decided to leave them the length they were without the flounce...I had my cute bracelets in mind when I made up my mind about the quarter sleeves....I'll model it soon with my arm candy (wink:wink)....
I made my new coat out of some pretty, lightweight tweed I had in my stash for a while...the tweed is a pretty light green.....the sleeves are denim...kinda wanted some contrast this go 'round....I also lined my new coat with some Periwinkle-colored linen I had definitely been hoarding...that linen made for a warm and comfy lining too...its a medium weight instead of the thinner, see-through ones....the tweed has lots of specks of colors and Periwinkle was one of  'em...the linen I used matched perfectly...I like when that happens!....the pictures don't at all do the coat's colors justice...I showed out with this one...although I believe I'll be making a one or two more adjustments to it....
The pattern was surprisingly easy to sew because coats can be tricky sometimes....I like working with the fabrics too; they weren't too unravel-y or slippery....and the pattern envelope didn't even say "easy"....I often wonder do they mislabel the patterns sometimes....I swear every time one says easy its everything but....but when you think a pattern may be a challenge it turns out to be cool breeze....(shrugs shoulders)....Sewing's like that sometimes.....Here's a few pictures of the coat...When I wear it I'll share it again....maybe the colors will pop in the natural to you good folks soon!

Side View....

Shot of the back.....

                                                      I like this part of the coat....its pretty cool...

                                         MsKRS' McCall's M7256 View A (minus the sleeve flounce)


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