Sunday, May 3, 2015


How's everybody on this lovely Sunday evening?...I'm all right; just sitting here watching the tube and relaxing until I its time to go make a little change tomorrow....I've of course been sewing but pictures?...those are still on the "meh,might do" list....I just have not wanted to take any photos for some reason....oh well; today I felt a little different so I snapped a few...well my Babygirl did....I meant to participate in MeMade2015 but it felt so needless because every time I get a chance to get out of that uniform it must be something I made to get dressed in....I wear MeMade to bed, under my clothes for work, and when I get dressed I guess I opted out well because I'm always in....I've sewn so many garments that I can always wear something that is ALL ME.....Today was no different....its been pretty warm around these parts so of course I'm reaching for cool, comfortable, and light....
McCall's M6083 to the I've whipped this up twice before; one in a suiting fabric and the other in tablecloth fabric!...(check the blog for the posts).....but this go 'round its a lightweight printed knit, printed with green pineapples!!!!!....its been on my sewing table cut out for a minute but I finished it the day before yesterday (this past Friday)...I had the fabric in my stash but y'all know it came from Hancock's Fabrics...the fabric is so light it feels like pajamas...I always like when it works out like that....I was going to pair it with some Kelly green platform heels but decided to break the monotony and add a couple pops of red....Oh and the view is C with the sash just freestyled with the leftover fabric.....and I omitted the serger was the star with this outfit too; well besides the fabric....At this point I'm having an allergy attack because I went to my girlfriend's house this afternoon to hang out and we were sitting outside....I guess I'll never learn; even though I took my daily allergy pill....they never work well enough but I guess something is better than nothing right?....Well pictures now while I kick back and get ready to start a new week....What y'all been sewing?  Anybody taken the MeMade2015 pledge? me to your makes! (smiles)


Shoes that covered up a much needed pedicure that I didn't feel like having today....maybe next weekend....

back peeking out....


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