Saturday, February 14, 2015

The best mistakes I've ever made~New Look's 0167 View E

Good evening everybody and how is your "holiday" going?....Mine is cool, my Sweetest and I just came back from Office Max because I needed some stationary and other paper goods....I looked around the other day and almost (I said almost) didn't have any clean paper to chicken scratch on...Now you KNOW I cant have that; like at all....Found some cute stuff and some even cooler letter writing stuff....some of my good folks will be receiving a letter from me in the near future....I'm sorry but this technology mess CAN SO NOT TAKE OVER all the good stuff in life.....I wont let it....
Now this post is about my cool new Star Trek dress I made a while ago...I got the fabric from a local quilt shop across the street from my gig and it was a pretty penny too....I love it and it seemed worth it though because it has Lt. Uhura all over it; her name and all....the reason I call it the "best mistakes I ever made" because the dress is just chock full of 'em....first of all, I cut it out wrong so all the Lt. Uhura's were upside yall know my mind immediately went into creative mode so I used the leftover fabric to fussy cut her out and used an embroidery stitch to cover up the upside down ones with her right side up!...I mean I was named after her for goodness sake!  I have to fix her!....then the darts just would not cooperate....I've made countless darts in some of the most delicate of fabrics but this tough quilting cotton just said NO to darts....then I jacked up the zipper....I actually wanted this one invisible because it was nothing special this time; not vintage or anything but it ended up showing anyway....It was uneven at the top too and I left it just like that....I even sewed the sleeves on wrong!(but I used a cool striped, sheer knit I was hoarding for 'em)....
But let me tell yall : I LOVE THIS DRESS, mistakes and all....its the fabric and all of its coolness that made every mistake virtually unnoticeable, well except by me....I got compliments on it too while we were out; probably from fellow Trekkies and other cool, nerdy folks.....its New Look's 0167 View D modified
Hell I'm even watching Star Trek right now!...the Next Generation currently showing....Commander Data, Captain Picard, and Lt. Worf got the screen sewed up  (pun intended)...even my hair today resembled Counselor Troi's!....My Mama used to think Commander Riker was handsome and I used to be just too excited to see Commander Geordi La Forge; it was the bee's knees I'm telling you....He was introduced to me way before his debut on the Next Generation through Reading Rainbow though which makes it that much more awesome....I wore my round toe boots to pull off the whole Trekkie look....Nerdy yeah, but the cool factor overrides that!..well IMO wink-wink.....Let me share the piccies now and watch my show...Commander Geordi trying get his mack on right now; and the lady is married!..they had drama too! LOL!...There I go rambling.....;)
Be Dope and Prosper!...Outer space style!

Trekkie MsKRS

Trying to do that live long and prosper thing Dr. Spock does but yeah, I cant do it....

Back shot....

Puffy looking side shot...the damn darts would have helped with the mid-section mishap....geez....(maybe I'll try to put them in one of these days)

Star Trek fabric!!! Yassssss!!! (with the old school crew)

Are you a trekkie? you like the show?

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