Sunday, September 23, 2012

On a Sunday afternoon

Hey everybody!....this may turn into another vent post so beware....anyways, the bad news first school situation is dire and I have a huge bill that I have to take care of before I can even take my next two courses...I am completely and utterly tripped out about it but I do still have my faith that things will work themselves out....I am also equally frustrated with my job situation.....If I would be able to finally get a job, my school situation wouldn't even bother me in the least...I usually don't talk about these things because it just seems like I am a wet blanket but I am about to burst at the seams with irritation...
My "friends" aren't really cool anymore, even the one who seemed to really understand...such as life right?....they may have never understood me anyways...I don't even visit them anymore and they don't visit me...I have some new friends that are just my style but I don't want to bog them down with this kinda mess....although they may be needing some venting time too...I kinda feel bad using my blog as my diary but it seems that I am comfortable writing my thoughts down here...and plus I need a new diary anyways...the others are chock full...
The good news is I have still be sewing though...I truly believe that sewing came into my life for a very good reason...I NEED to sew at times as it may be the only time the negative thoughts are invisible and I don't feel them at all....The days are still absolutely beautiful with the sun shining every morning....sunshine makes me happy too....I may have seasonal depression (S.A.D) because when the sun doesn't shine and they days are gloomy, so am I...of course my doctor has a wonder pill that promises to make me feel better but I don't believe in stuff like that...just bring the sunshine back and I will be just fine.....Well enough of my rambling and time for some shots of my latest creations....ttys

Whoo me?

Blooms on Chocolate Purse

MsKRS' Mug Mat

MsKRS' Roll-O

MsKRS' Mug Mats X's 2....:)

Cool Coaster by MsKRS (this one's mine)

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